Gibraltar Darts Trophy: Gabriel Clemens with nerves of steel makes the European Championship qualification perfect

Es was world class at times, which Gabriel Clemens demonstrated in order to qualify for the European Darts Championship at the Gibraltar Darts Trophy, the last of 13 tournaments on the European Tour. The major tournament will be played in Dortmund on the last weekend in October, and with Clemens and Martin Schindler there are now two Germans in the field of 32.

The duo also represented black-red-gold at the southernmost event in the series of events, and at least Clemens made it in round two on Saturday. The 39-year-old easily defeated the Englishman Adam Hunt 6:2 after slight problems at the start.

After five missed checkouts in the first leg and a resulting unnecessary 0:1, memories of the elimination of the German Giant a week ago at the World Grand Prix came up. But Clemens stayed calm, broke in 13 darts on double 18 and was 25 darts (11 and 14) later 3-1 in the lead.

Just don’t lose your nerve: Gabriel Clemens wasn’t bothered by his weak start

Quelle: Getty Images/Luke Walker

His point average for the first three shots had risen to 128.75. And his overall average had climbed to an outstanding 107.14 despite the mistakes in the opening leg. With the 5:1, “Gaga” made the preliminary decision, had only missed a double field and was even able to allow his opponent a break to make it 5:2 before he made it into the made second round perfect.

Schindler’s mistakes are punished

For Martin Schindler, who had already been successful this season with three quarter-final appearances on the European Tour, Friday evening was unsuccessful. In the first round, the man from Strausberg had to deal with the veteran Vincent van der Voort, and “The Wall” lost the only duel this season with a somewhat unlucky 5:6. Back then in Prague, an average of 98.16 points wasn’t enough for Schindler.

Was already qualified for the European Championships in Dortmund before the tournament:

Was already qualified for the European Championships in Dortmund before the tournament: “The Wall” Martin Schindler

Source: dpa/Uwe Anspach

In Gibraltar it was an average of 91.11 points, which resulted in a much clearer 3:6. Nevertheless, the German-Dutch duel was at a high level for a long time. In the first five legs, both brought their throw through confidently. Van der Voort checked in 16, 14 and 13 darts, Schindler in 15 and 13, but then conceded the break to 2:4 after his first major mistakes and three missed chances.

At 2:5 from the German’s point of view, the “Dutch Destroyer” went to the oche with 40 points left, but could not use two match darts to win, so that the decision was only made in 14 darts to 6:3.

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The other highlights of the first evening were provided by Rowby-John Rodriguez with a 10-darter to win the match against Keane Berry, who missed out on qualifying for the European Championships. Stephen Bunting is also in good form, moving into the second round with an average of 105.31.

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On Saturday Wesley Plaisier, William O’Connor, and Rusty-Jake Rodriguez can still hope for the late qualification for the European Darts Championship. Steve Beaton would have to make it to the final for a ticket, and Mensur Suljovic, who won the opening game 6-0 against Keegan Brown, would even have to win the tournament. Ryan Meikle, Chris Dobey and Krzysztof Ratajski still have to tremble for their place.

Gabriel Clemens, who also defended world number 22 against Daryl Gurney with his win, meets the Belgian Dimitri van den Bergh in the evening.

Results Gibraltar Darts Trophy

1 round:

Mario Vandenbogaerde (BEL) – Craig Galliano (GIB) 2:6

Jim Williams (WAL) – William O‘Connor (IRL) 1:6

Jason Lowe (ENG) – Manuel Vilerio (GIB) 6:2

Sean Negrette (GIB) – Kenny Neyens (BEL) 1:6

Steve Beaton – Justin Hewitt (GIB) 6:0 (no fight)

Ritchie Edhouse (ENG) – John Henderson (SCO) 6:4

Jeff Smith (CAN) – Wesley Plaisier (NED) 0:6

Marko Kantele (FIN) – Rusty-Jake Rodriguez (AUT) 5:6

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Rowby-John Rodriguez (AUT) – Keane Barry (IRL) 6:3

Dyson Parody (GIB) – Ryan Joyce (ENG) 4:6

Stephen Bunting (ENG) – Daryl Gurney (NIR) 6:3

Chris Dobey (ENG) – Dylan Duo Jr. (GIB) 6:1

Ryan Meikle (ENG) – Josh Rock (NIR) 4:6

Martin Schindler (D) – Vincent van der Voort (NED) 3:6

Keegan Brown (ENG) – Mensur Suljovic (AUT) 0:6

Gabriel Clemens (D) – Adam Hunt (ENG) 6:2

Here darts professional Martin Schindler imitates his colleagues

Martin Schindler is not only one of the best German darts professionals. He is also an excellent impersonator. Here he recreates six world-class players. Do you recognize these players?

2nd round:

Rob Cross (ENG/5) – Rusty-Jake Rodriguez (AUT)

Ryan Searle (ENG/8) – William O‘Connor (IRL)

Dave Chisnall (ENG/16) – Wesley Plaisier (NED)

Dirk van Duijvenbode (NED/10) – Jason Lowe (ENG)

Danny Noppert (NED/12) – Ryan Joyce (ENG)

Jose de Sousa (POR/15) – Rowby-John Rodriguez (AUT)

Damon Heta (AUS/6) – Chris Dobey (ENG)

Nathan Aspinall (ENG/7) – Vincent van der Voort (NED)

Michael Smith (ENG/4) – Josh Rock (NIR)

Luke Humphries (ENG/1) – Kenny Neyens

Peter Wright (SCO/9) – Craig Galliano (GIB)

Jonny Clayton (WAL/13) – Stephen Bunting (ENG)

Michael van Gerwen (ENG/2) – Steve Beaton (ENG)

Gerwyn Price (WAL/3) – Mensur Suljovic (AUT)

Dimitri van den Bergh (BEL/14) – Gabriel Clemens (D)

Joe Cullen (ENG/11) – Ritchie Edhouse (ENG)


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