Gabriel Elicha takes the title of the 30th edition of the Open Sevilla Memorial Ricardo Villena

The Granada-born tennis player Gabriel Elicha, number 134 in the Spanish ranking, has been proclaimed the winner of the Open Sevilla Memorial Ricardo Villena, whose 30th edition has concluded this Saturday at the Yacht Club of the Andalusian capital. The Basque player, second favorite in the tournament, who has distributed 1,000 euros in prizes and was eligible for the national and Andalusian ranking, has reissued the title won for the first time in his career last season after beating Roberto from Malaga in the grand final Chacon 6-2 and 6-2.

Complying with the planned program during the four days of competition despite the rain that fell the last two days, the closing of the Open Sevilla Memorial Ricardo Villena, that in 2005 picked up the baton of the Cordiality Trophy of the Seville club, started in 1971, has served to confirm the favoritism of Gabriel Elicha. In just one hour of play, the champion has got rid of the third seed of a tournament that started on Wednesday from the round of 16 with double international presence.

Elisha, 19-year-old player of the Cid Hiaya Tennis Club who in September achieved his first ATP point, has won the title faster than expected against a rival diminished by problems in a calf. Given the greater consistency of the champion, the left-handed man from Marbella Robert Chacon25 years old and 149 in the national ranking, has had few options.

The 30th Ricardo Villena Memorial Tennis Seville Open, which has had José Castro Jiménez as judge-arbitrator and has maintained its character of solidarity, in this case for the benefit of the Parkinson Seville association, has been organized by the Seville Nautical Club and the Federation Andaluza de Tenis with the collaboration of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation, the Municipal Sports Institute of the Seville City Council, the La Caixa Foundation, the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía, IBP Tenis, Grupo Orca, Bodega and Cerro San Cristóbal vineyards, Coca-Cola, Cruzcampo, Hilton Garden Inn Sevilla, Vinos Flores and the Royal Symphony Orchestra of Seville.


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