Forward Social to the rescue! Thus the media Super Cup advances

Italian Supercoppa 2022: who benefits? We were left with this question in the last editorial on the subject. We have found that talking about Italian basketball is always an interesting topic for our readers, and it seems it has also been for LBA.

Television: 117,000 spectators on the NOVE channel, thanks to a television deal achieved three days earlier. No launch of the event, no advertising with commercials, only those expensive and useless advertisements in the Gazzetta dello Sport for which there is no counter-proof of communicative and promotional effectiveness. Hence, a good success.

We say to the LBA president that the next auctions of television rights are organized six months before the expiry of the previous ones, at least, so as not to find themselves in the next round with the same difficulties that generate approximation.

Much more interesting, for an event that was proposed as a second level for the temporal positioning (mid-week) and for the technical content (teams in the preparation phase, players returning from Europeans, compression of the calendars), the work that on social networks the LBA team has achieved.

The success achieved during the finals of the last championship 21-22 was leading the way. The patrol of influencers, athletes, communities and creators has changed or expanded while maintaining communicative effectiveness.

According to the data available to, the involvement program of the LBA has reached over 1 million people, most of whom are foreign to the basketball environment.

For the Super Cup, the LBA team created and distributed over 100 contents through its social networks that reached about 4.5 million people, bringing the total to about 5.5 million interested people. We found Mr. Cui Prodest: it is the Italian basketball movement that last week enjoyed a really important media interest.

On the other hand, already in the guidelines expressed in the summer of 2020, President Gandini had said that a push of propaganda for basketball could come from the social networks. Of course, it took time for the negative effects of the pandemic to be diluted.

The success was remarkable, to the point that a substantially embalmed FIP from the media point of view between satellite and paper justified the change of coaches between Sacchetti and Pozzecco at the beginning of June also with a different way of approaching social communication. He accounted for it just last week, listing results for the first time since Facebook has existed (to our memory).

A path to continue to work on, because teams and players naturally provide content that fosters social interest at every round of the championship. We all know that by now the offer of use of any sport is saturated. We are thinking not only of the calendars of the tennis circuits or the multiplication of Formula 1 races, football schedules or even volleyball. But also to the NBA on which now there is no more talk of basketball played than for the single month of September between the Summer League and the various Drew League. Elbowing and carving out a place has become a duty, the typically televised spectacularity of basketball in itself is no longer sufficient to guarantee interest in an ephemeral audience disoriented by too much offer, but at least we improve the positions.



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