Formula 1 | Gasly’s scare that has recalled the Bianchi tragedy in Suzuka

The japan race it started in the rain, with the track in very delicate conditions and forecast of more water in the next hour. Despite this, the pilots have opted for the intermediate compound and it has soon been seen that it was risky. Vettel has been touched with Alonso after the exit and a huge piece of his Aston Martin has flown to end up getting stuck in the nose of the car gaslywho had started from the pit lane due to a penalty.

After Carlos Sainz’s accident on the first lap, the Frenchman went through the pits to repair his front wing and when he returned to the track, with hardly any visibility, he had to dodge a cranein a scenario where a similar situation it cost his compatriot Jules Bianchi his life: “God, what is this tractor doing on the track! This is unbelievable, unacceptable,” Gasly cried out on the radio, out of his mind. Later, with the race stopped with a red flag, the Gallic driver got out of the car with panic face because of the huge scare. “He could have killed me,” he told his crew chief. Intolerable.

The FIA ​​has launched a incident investigation and he noted that the race was neutralized with a safety car when Gasly returned to the track and that the Frenchman was going at high speed to try to catch up with the group, noting that he exceeded 250 km/h under the safety car regime. The truth, however, is that they brought out the red flag just two seconds early that Gasly passed by the crane and even in some videos that circulate on social networks it can be seen that the crane was already on track when other pilots passed.

Bianchi’s father has reacted to the extremely dangerous situation in networks: “This is not respecting the life of a pilot, it is a disrespect to the memory of Julesincredible”.



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