Formosa and Pirané with under 15 basketball

In the Cinquantenario Sports Center, the finals of the U15 Basketball Provincial of the Evita Games were held, crowning Toritos de Pirané as champions in the women’s category and Estudiantes de Formosa in the men’s category.

Prior to the last two games of the tournament, two situations remained to mark: one, the presence, for the fourth time in basketball of these Evita, of Ingeniero Juárez in a final. The other, having Pirané in the two finals of this sub 15. Great merit for the teachers who work in this discipline in these parts of the interior.

Reviewing what each Provincial left, it must be said that in women’s all the matches were fulfilled in the Fiftieth Anniversary. The teams faced the qualifying phase in three zones: A: Ingeniero Juárez and General Belgrano. B: Pirané, Sarmiento de Formosa and Laguna Yema. C: Pozo del Tigre, Villa Escolar and Tacaaglé Mission.

In the semifinals, Pirané beat Villa Escolar 44-23 and Ingeniero Juárez beat Sarmiento de Formosa 29-11. The final, the only women’s match played on Saturday morning, was for Pirané over Juárez 25-21. The winning team He was at the forefront of the result for almost the entire game, but always with his rival expectant to such an extent that in the final stretch he equalized. Pirané ended up winning it getting two annotations near the rim and thus he put himself up 4 units.

Toritos de Pirané were the champions with the following players: Carla Chamorro, Bethlehem Cabrera, Valentina Nunez, Anabella Baroffe, Nahiara Rhodes, Melanie Chaparro, Guadalupe Zalazar and Fatima Montiel.

The Men’s Provincial began on Thursday night on the Police court and continued on Friday at the Centenario. There were also three groups: A: Students from Formosa, Clorinda and Laguna Yema. B: Pirané, Belgrano and Laishí Mission. C: Ibarreta, Juárez Engineer and Tacaaglé Mission.

At the time of the semifinals, Estudiantes beat Belgrano 43-30 and Pirané beat Ibarreta 30-27. The final came at the Cinquantenario and left a resolution in the final seconds. A lot of parity throughout the game, with Pirané taking an initial lead in the first quarter that would allow him to be the team that was up in the figures for the longest time. But Estudiantes was the most precise in the final minute, where both shared losses, and with 4 points in a row they were in the lead to end up winning 40 to 38 with the last ball in the hands of Pirané who sought the triple to keep the ticket to Mar del Plata but without success.

Students of Formosa was champion with this squad: Benjamin Ayala, Sebastian Falcon, Bautista Taboada, Juan Britez, Benjamin Oliva, Matthew Romay, Alejo Martinez and Valentino Gomez.

The morning closed with the corresponding award ceremony in which the authorities of the Secretary of Sports and Community Recreation participated with Sebastián Ginóbili, coach of La Unión de Formosa, as a special guest who, together with Mario Romay, presented the medals to the champions.



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