Football Manager 2023 gets a release date

Football Manager 2023, a football simulation video game developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega, has a release date set for November 8 this year for PC, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and the PlayStation 5. The new game marks the franchise’s debut on Apple Arcade and PS5.

The launch, which will also be available on Apple’s game platform, will mark the title’s return to mobile gaming. The 2022 version has not been released for mobile phones. The PlayStation 5 version will be identical to the Xbox one and will be called FM23 Console to differentiate it from the others.

“Our decision not to release a Touch game on iOS or Android in 2021 was a difficult one to make and disappointing for some of our fans,” explained Sports Interactive Studio Director Mile Jacobson to GamesRadar. “This exciting partnership with Apple Arcade allows us to reintroduce a popular title in a way that makes sense for us as a studio and the FM community at large.”

According to Sports Interactive, new information about the game will be released in the month of October. It was also revealed that competitions by UEFA will be fully licensed for the title.



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