Fight against bullying, self-defense arrives in schools

A lesson in self-defense from bullying: this could be summarized as the appointment held on the morning of Thursday 27 October at SanbàPolis, promoted by Coni, Fijlkam (Italian Federation of judo, wrestling, karate, martial arts) and the Department of knowledge of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Thus the councilor for education Mirko Bisesti: “School and sport represent a fundamental combination for the growth of our young people, thanks to the ability to strengthen the values ​​that each of them carries in their hearts. Trentino has done a lot in recent years to combat bullying and cyber-bullying where they are born, putting in place ad hoc projects and tripling the funds dedicated to the various initiatives. To achieve the goal of a ‘bully-free’ school, a pact between schools, families, students and institutions is necessary, with the effect of guaranteeing everyone a path of life that is as peaceful as possible “.

The project presented concerns the Global Method of Self-Defense which officially arrives in the schools of Trentino. The aim is to provide students with self-knowledge, but above all to know how to identify violence and therefore how to avoid and prevent it, increasing self-esteem and safety.

At the center, teaching on how to know how to use and coordinate one’s body, learn to assume solid, balanced and controlled attitudes, with the acquisition of greater self-confidence, especially for those milder boys and girls and, often , bullied.

“Bullying represents a real plague and it is up to each of you to fight it with the support of the institutions. In our territory, elected ‘most sporting province in Italy’, it is essential to promote initiatives like this, so that everyone has the opportunity to grow by looking at the different disciplines to counter negative phenomena that unfortunately also affect Trentino “the thought of the councilor for sport Roberto Failoni.


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