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The basketball museum was opened with a ceremony organized by Fenerbahçe Sports Club.

Speaking at the event, Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç thanked the former President Aziz Yıldırım, who completely changed Fenerbahçe’s basketball vision, and said that their biggest goal is to become the champion in the most branches in the 100th anniversary of the Republic.

Fenerbahçe Sports Club broke new ground in Turkey and opened the basketball museum. To the opening ceremony at Ülker Sport Arena; Fenerbahçe Club President Ali Koç, Fenerbahçe Club High Council Chairman Uğur Dündar, Former Chairman of the Supreme Council Vefa Küçük, Members of the Board of Directors, former players of Fenerbahçe Women’s and Men’s Basketball Team, Deputy President of the Turkish Basketball Federation Ömer Onan, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, Istanbul Sports Provincial Director Burhanettin Hacıcaferoğlu, Yıldız Holding Chairman of the Board Murat Ülker, Kadıköy Mayor Şerdil Dara Odabaşı and many guests attended.

Ali Koç: “We are among the most important in European basketball

In his speech at the opening, Fenerbahçe Club President Ali Koç stated that the basketball branch has a history since 1913 and said, “However, the idea of ​​a museum was put forward in order to leave our history, which is full of successes and beautiful moments, to future generations and to better understand the past. While the names of the past who wore our jersey made a history with their success and trophies, they created Fenerbahçe’s basketball culture. Fenerbahçe has served basketball for years, but there is a fact that the most successful periods of our 120-year history started in the 2000s. Our achievements were crowned with trophies in men’s and women’s basketball. We suffered a lot during my 5 years of presidency. It was the most painful situation to give the trophy to the team that we beat many times in this hall. When we look at the history of men’s, women’s and roller basketball, women and men are ranked among the best in Europe. We were among the most important in European basketball. It set an example for our competitors and investments began to be made. We built our stadium with our own means, with Fenerbahçe’s money, without any support from the state, and set an example in Turkey. On behalf of my board of directors and every Fenerbahçe member, I would like to thank our president, Aziz Yıldırım, who said ‘keep going’ even in those troubled days, who worked great in bringing our magnificent hall, which changed Fenerbahçe’s basketball vision from top to bottom and made it a leader in the locomotive sense, for our club. We are grateful to him. Of course, I would like to thank everyone involved with him.”

“I am glad that Obradovic’s path crossed with us”

President Koç, thanking those who have contributed to the winning of trophies that have served Fenerbahçe Club from the past to the present, said, “I would like to put a big bracket on Obradovic, who made us feel proud in the EuroLeague and has his name written in golden letters in our history. I am glad that his path also crossed with us”.

“We see that the end of the tunnel is in the light”

Expressing that good things will happen, Ali Koç said, “We see that the end of the tunnel is in the light with what has happened in the last 2 weeks. As Camia, our biggest goal is to become the champion in the most branches in the 100th anniversary of the Republic. When it comes to protecting the legacy of the Republic of Turkey and Atatürk, you can see the stance of Fenerbahçe. We will be the Lighthouse of the Republic in the footsteps of our Father with the values ​​we have in these days when we are experiencing the excitement of the 100th anniversary of our Republic in the most intense way. I invite you to our Lantern Regiment parade that we will organize on Bagdat Street on October 29. We will experience the enthusiasm of the republic together,” he said.

Ömer Onan: “We are very happy with the opening of this museum”

One of the former captains of Fenerbahçe Men’s Basketball Team, Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Basketball Federation Ömer Onan expressed his feelings about the opening of the museum and said, “We visited many museums during our acting, but of course, these were football museums. A basketball museum is opening for the first time today. This is very meaningful and we value it very much. Fenerbahce has achieved many firsts. Basketball used to be ahead of institutional clubs before, for the first time, Fenerbahçe started to have a say and other clubs followed behind and became successful clubs. The opening of this museum made us very happy. As TBF, we will open our museum next year. I took part in this club for 10 years and won 6 championships. We have achieved material and moral gains from this club. You gave gifts to all the professionals who worked in this club and shed a lot of sweat. You immortalized us with the opening of this museum. After 30 years, we will live forever in the eyes of those who visit this museum.”

After the speeches, the ribbon was cut and the museum was inaugurated. In the museum, there are trophies won by men’s and women’s basketball teams from past to present, visuals, historical photographs and jerseys of basketball players.



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