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He kissed the back of his hand extensively … |

What’s behind Sané’s kissing show…

The hearts of Bayern fans are flying towards him at the moment – ​​but his heart belongs to his three loved ones!

When Leroy Sané (26) was substituted for Sturm-Juwel Mathys Tel (17) in the 58th minute, the spectators in the Allianz Arena rose. Standing ovations for the national player after his gala against Viktoria Pilsen (5:0) with BILD grade 1.

Sané made it 1-0 with an 18-meter hammer (7th minute). With his 4-0 after the break (58th minute), the wing star closed the sack. After his hits, Sané’s kissing show!

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Especially after the 4-0 it was noticeable: The Bayern star kissed the back of his left hand extensively…

On the spot he tattooed the birth dates of his three sweethearts – daughter Rio Stella (09/07/2018), son Milo (05/19/2020) and his partner Candice Brook (07/18/1984).

Sané has two children together with partner Candice (here at the EM 2021).

Sané has two children together with partner Candice (here at the EM 2021).


The tattoo had raised questions before the Champions League game because his fiancee Candice clearly has a 4 at the end of the year of her birth.

However, in all of the Internet profiles that exist about her, July 18, 1987 is given. Is Candice now 35 or 38 – so is she nine or twelve years older than the DFB star?

According to BILD information, Sané got engaged to the US reality show star (“Wild ‘n Out”) several months ago. The love between the German international and the singer from the USA has been known since December 2017. They have been said to be a couple since 2015.

But Sané didn’t just kiss the back of his hand during the kissing show against Pilsen – there were also kisses from a teammate!

There was Leon Goretzka's kiss after Leroy Sané's 1-0

There was Leon Goretzka’s kiss after Leroy Sané’s 1-0

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After the early 1-0, Leon Goretzka (27) cheered and gave them a kiss. He was asked after the final whistle: on the cheek or on the cheek?

Goretzka dry: “On the cheek!”

After a lot of laughter, the ex-Schalke went on to say about his kisses: “I’ve known Leroy for ages. I think that’s why he then scored another goal because he wanted a second one…”

He got it – even after the 4-0, Goretzka kissed Sané’s cheek!



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