FC Barcelona: The doubts left by Barcelona

TAll the comments after the Meazza match have focused on the refereeing work. It is a clear fact that yesterday Barcelona was robbed of a book penalty and no one is capable of explaining what the referee saw, or did not see. In the end, what remains is that the Barça team I lost and the classification is very complicated for the eighth of Champions.

Champions League (J3): Summary and goals of Inter Milan 1-0 Barcelona

A team that arrived in Milan, also, debuting the condition of leader in the Spanish League, something that it had not achieved for two years. If Barcelona is offering an excellent level in domestic competition, the same is not happening in Europe. The team has not been able to pass the tests of Mnich y Miln losing the games against Bayern and Inter. And it is already known that in Europe you cannot forgive because you pay very dearly.

bad numbers

The reality is that Barcelona since Xavi came to the bench does not work in Europe. The data says so. In this year that he has been on the bench, the Barça team has played 11 games in either the Champions League or the Europa League. Of those 33 possible points, he has only achieved 13, records that are far from what Barcelona should have due to the potential of its squad. The team does not feel safe in Europe.

Xavi, crestfallen in the band.  /AP

Xavi, crestfallen in the band. /AP

Do you have a team to compete in Champions? That is the question asked by the fan seeing the results. However, there have been times when the Catalans have been superior to their rivals, at least in this edition of the Champions League. The first part in Munich was brilliant. The only thing the team lacked was being successful in the auction. Lewandowski and Pedri clear chances missed.

Superior to rival

Against Inter there were also many minutes in which they outscored the Italians, especially in the second half. But between the referee and the mistakes they were not able to turn the score around. The two parties leave a feeling that the rival with very little does a lot of damage to Barcelona. It happened against Bayern and Inter. Barcelona controls the game, they have possession of the ball, but it doesn’t hurt. Instead, the rival approaches twice and scores a goal. In that aspect, the team is still not solid and needs to grow.

Some errors that have been placed Barcelona on the brink of the abyss. The slightest mistake can no longer be allowed. You have to trust that in the upcoming games Lewandowski will be that ‘killer’ again that he has not been in Europe.



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