Falcioni’s future, what will he do with the debts and the bar

What will be the first movements of the new president to change the news of the Red. Here, his thoughts on key areas.

Fabian Doman He waited almost ten months for this moment. And finally it was given. In a record and historic vote, the 58-year-old radio and television journalist and host was elected as the new president of Independiente and will succeed Hugo Moyano, who governed the last two mandates. After the suspension in December of last year, the elections were held this Sunday, October 2, at the headquarters of Avenida Miter 470 and the partners elected Doman, who will be seconded by Nestor Grindetti y John Marconi. What are your main ideas to get ahead of a committed red financially and sportingly?

As for football, Doman will sit down to talk with the first team coach, Julio Falcioni, who has a contract until the middle of 2023 and has won five consecutive dates in the local tournament, although he was eliminated from the Argentine Cup last week. .

“We are going to form a Football Subcommittee made up of the leaders who are going to make decisions suggested by a Sports Director and a manager, who are going to form their work teams respecting identity. Pablo Cavallero is working as an advisor and we have talked with glories like Enzo Trossero and Claudio Marangoni. Falcioni is not the coach we would have chosen, but he has a contract and we have to respect it. Independent has to return to respect what was signed. We have to sit down and talk to Julio, see if he wants to continue. We have to define the renewals of the contracts of the professional squad and the reserve team. The most emblematic case is that of Alan Soñora and we have already been talking”, he told Clarion.

Doman, along with Ritondo and Grindetti. Photo: Juan Manuel Foglia

If the Emperor does not continue, they like the technical profiles of Matías Almeyda and Gustavo Quinteros, in addition to Ariel Holan and Ricardo Gareca. But economics could be a major barrier.

Speaking of numbers, this is what the new boss of the Devil plans to straighten out the finances and deal with a liability that according to the last balance exceeds 4 billion pesos: “We have to sit down to renegotiate the debts with the creditors and generate new payment plans. This will be achieved after we demonstrate the ability to pay and seriousness. Generate resources through sponsorship, the sale of season tickets and boxes and an intense campaign conscription of partners. We are putting together a strategy to renegotiate the disqualifications of Gastón Silva, América de México and Tucu Hernández, which, together with the Verón case, make up what I call the club’s ‘External Debt.’ a state of affairs after the first month of management so that they know where we are starting from”.

As for the Inferior, Doman lands with his own project although he will seek to keep the current pieces that work correctly. “We are working on a new comprehensive project. They presented us with several alternatives and there are three of the first level. Once that is defined, we have to evaluate the existing staff of professionals and keep the most valuable ones. We have to improve their recruitment system. We are working in a fundamental concept such as health in sports. Independiente not only has to train soccer players, but also people. Nutrition, containment and education are fundamental”, he advanced. One candidate to be the new youth coordinator is Fernando Kuyumchoglu.

The relationship with the AFA It is another point that Doman will face in the first person: “I am going to participate in the meetings of the Executive Committee, it is a function that cannot be delegated by the president of the institution. As for the new tournament, our position is that we are going to support the format that suits us best economically in terms of television rights. A tournament with more teams, in principle implies that there is less money to distribute, but you have to sit down and negotiate with the TV networks”.

Independiente is a club that constantly has problems with barrabravas. It is that the bar is divided and the internal one from time to time intensifies. On this subject, Doman maintains: “We have been in the news in recent years due to incidents with the bar. Until now, we have not had contact with any sector. The worst thing you can do with the bars is use them and then not comply with them. Also, do not We can lose sight of the fact that the issue of bars is something that the State must resolve and we are going to be at the disposal of the justice system and the security agencies.”

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