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Ergene Municipality Indoor Sports Hall hosted the inter-school basketball festival organized by Ergene District Youth and Sports Directorate on the occasion of 29 October Republic Day.

Organized by the Ergene District Governorate, Youth and Sports District Directorate in order to celebrate the 29 October Republic Day with enthusiasm, to direct our children and youth to sports, to provide sports clubs with sports resources, to cooperate with existing sports clubs, to create a sports culture in schools and to spread and develop sports activities. The Ergene Municipality Indoor Sports Hall, one of the numerous permanent works brought to the district by the Ergene Municipality, hosted the basketball festival. Martyr Piyade Arman Galata Secondary School was the first, Velimeşe Secondary School was the second, Yıldırım Beyazıthan Secondary School was the third, and Head Teacher Secondary School was the fourth.
Ergene Mayor Rasim Yüksel stated that sports and athletes are always with them and said, “As Ergene Municipality, we hosted this beautiful sports organization organized by our Youth and Sports District Directorate. As Ergene Municipality, we have always been a supporter of sports and athletes, and we continue to be. In this beautiful project, which is one of the sports investments brought to our district by our Ergene Municipality, our citizens as well as our students benefit, and sports activities are carried out in the Ergene Municipality Indoor Sports Hall. In addition to this beautiful sports complex, our sports clubs play football matches in our 19 May Youth Stadium, which we opened in our Vakıflar District a short time ago. We also provide financial and moral support to these football clubs that represent our youth in amateur leagues. We stand by all our athletes who compete in every branch and category of sports.”


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