Epic and brilliant comeback by a Spar Girona that will play again in the Euroleague (66-43)

Fontajau has scored another epic night, with the classification of Spar Girona, for the third consecutive edition, for the Euroleague (66-43). Bernat Canut’s team had to recover 12 points in the Villeneuve French and, with a high level of basketball, especially in the second half, and especially in the last quarter, he achieved the goal. The 4,000 fans who went to the game vibrated bravely in a night to remember, one more, based on a spectacular last ten minutes (20-6 at half time). The maximum continental competition starts next week on the track of the Landes.

As expected, the battle has been very tough. The Villeneuve has come to Girona to defend his advantage and, without needing to play great basketball, he tried to block the game with continuous fouls to stop it and that the pace was rather low. In the first quarter theUni has taken advantage of the uncertainty of the French (Burkefinally, has not played after being injured in the third quarter of the first leg), to acquire a maximum advantage of +5 (13-8), with Drammeh as the most outstanding player. Based on a good defense, and seeing Villeneuve’s mistakes in attack (1/4 free throws, 1/7 triples), the comeback operation has begun to be built. Moreover, it was clear from the start that the match would not be spectacular: it took three minutes for both teams to score, until Adelkaderwith a triple, has made the start 0-3.

In the second quarter, the mishap slowed down Uni, who also saw how the rivals improved their offensive performances. Five minutes to the break Smalls tied the match (19-19) and Salaun it put Villeneuve ahead (19-21), complicating a little more the feat that the team from Girona was looking for. a triple ofAraújo put Uni ahead again (22-21) and here they got into an exchange of baskets and a very slow game that ended with a three-point shot Cornelius on the horn, with 4 seconds of possession, to put the Spar up four at the break (29-25), and give them an extra point of faith. There was room for hope, but it was necessary to avoid haste and not to fall into the game that the opponent was looking for.

Fontajau has been bubbling with courage from the third quarter. Especially when between Araújo and Gardner they have put Uni 8 up (37-29) in a three-and-nothing. Bernat Canut’s team left their skins in defense and could go out on the counterattack, although the referee’s decision was increasingly disconcerting and unfavorable to the home team. Between Challenges and Smalls have cut the difference again (41-37) but the feeling was that the goal could be achieved, despite the fact that the outside shot (3/10 three-pointers) was still very discreet, and that the team had some attacks that were too hasty and avoidable turnovers. The quarter ended in the best way, with five points followed by Bradford (the first of the game), to give Uni a maximum advantage of 9 (46-37) and make the fans go crazy. theEuroleague it was only 4 points with 10 minutes left.

Nerves and uncertainty have marked the start of the last partial. Fontajau, however, was vibrating, and Murphy it was 48-37, the maximum advantage of Girona (+11), who had the comeback to touch. And the tie was tied 5 minutes from the end, with a three-pointer by Drammeh (53-41) that has finished revolutionizing Fontajau. The protagonist herself has put Girona 14 up (55-41), with 4.30 to go, putting Uni ahead in the tie. The stand was a party and the visiting coach called for a time-out. The Spar’s raucousness, however, and Fontajau’s push, seemed to be unstoppable (58-41, at 3:30, 17 lead, +5 in the playoff) after a basket by Gardner. Flores, with two free throws, made it 60-43 at 1:52. The Euroleague could not escape. It entered the last minute with 61-43, six margin in the tie. Fontajau was already celebrating the classification. It had been key to leave Villeneuve with only 6 points scored in this last quarter. In the end, victory 66-43, 23 points advantage, 11 margin in the tie.



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