Eintracht Frankfurt loses at VfL Bochum: no drama

Eintracht Frankfurt loses at VfL Bochum: no drama

Dhe defeat at the bottom of the table is anything but a surprise for those who have been dealing with Frankfurt Eintracht for a long time. Even team captain Sebastian Rode considered the possibility. Before the kick-off, he said he didn’t want to play the build-up opponent again, as he had so often in the past.

But the resentment happened. And this 0: 3 against VfL Bochum does not represent a monstrosity of unfortunate circumstances, but is just as much part of the unvarnished football truth of Eintracht as the first-class 2-0 over leaders Union Berlin, which was not the result of a chain of fortunate circumstances.

This defeat was nothing more than confirmation of coach Glasner’s words that his team has to call on 100 percent of their potential to win Bundesliga games. Eintracht have managed to put themselves in a position to defeat top European sides, albeit without being a top European side that could overpower opponents like Bochum at half strength.

Glasner took the 0: 3 on his cap because his system and personnel change did not work. But in order to significantly increase the chances of success at Tottenham this Wednesday (9 p.m. in the FAZ live ticker for the Champions League and on DAZN) in the Champions League, he was forced to rotate. The hope that the jerking in the gearbox would be less and that it would still be enough to get three points in Bochum was not unfounded.


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