Draymond Green assaults Jordan Poole during training

The last practice session of the Golden State Warriors was excessively heated. According to Shams Charania, a journalist from The AthleticAt one point, Jordan Poole and Draymond Green had a run-in and got into each other’s faces, causing them to be separated by their teammates. Before they intervened, however, the power forward threw a punch at the shooting guard, who, however, was not injured and was able to finish the session without problems.

Green is known for being a very temperamental player who tries to push his teammates aggressively, but according to Vincent Goodwill, a journalist for Yahoo Sportsthe tensions with Poole have been there from the beginning training camp and this session has been the culmination of this trend. We will see how the situation evolves in the coming days, because after the altercation the Californian franchise is studying possible disciplinary measures against the power forward.

Both Draymond and Jordan aspire to sign a contract extension with the Warriors, although for now the feeling is that only Poole could get it. The shooting guard has until the start of the course to agree on his new contract or else he will become a restricted free agent next summer, while, if he does not reach said extension, Green could be a free agent in 2023, rejecting his player option. The player has already hinted that he could try to explore the market, as rumors indicate that he considers that he is worthy of a maximum contract.

Poole, for his part, seems well aware that millions are at stake and, Goodwill also points out, is behaving in a highly professional manner during the training camp. His teammates have noticed a significant change in his attitude, although we will see if this incident also ends up having some negative consequence for him.

(Cover photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)



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