Dramatic Wins Over Kevin/Marcus, Fajar/Rian Win Danish Open


Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto won the Denmark Open 2022 after defeating Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo/Marcus Fernaldi Gideon. The duel was dramatic.

Fajar/Rian vs Kevin/Marcus took place at Jyske Bank Arena, Odense, Sunday (23/10/2022) evening WIB. The pair, who is usually known as FajRi, were actually far behind in every game, but were able to lift the trophy with a 21-19, 28-26 victory.

The fight between the two pairs was very tight at the beginning with a drive fight that made the score 3-3. Kevin/Marcus slowly managed to create a gap, one of which was through a drop shot to change the score to 5-3. Not wanting to be left too far behind, Fajar / Rian increased their attacks and changed the score to 6-6.

Fajar/Rian started to struggle again to keep up with Kevin/Marcus’ resistance. The Minions were finally able to lead 11-9 at the interval.

After the pause, the pace of Kevin/Marcus became unstoppable. The pair was able to lead until 17-11, leaving Fajar/Rian.

Kevin/Marcus lost control of the game. Fajar/Rian managed to get four points in a row, which made the score change to 15-17 and the match stopped for a moment because Kevin had a problem with his finger.

After the game resumed, Kevin and Marcus both made mistakes after the return came out and the score was tied 17-17 and soon Fajar / Rian turned 18-17 ahead.

The score was a draw at 19-19. In this crucial position, Fajar / Rian were able to get two consecutive points to lock the first game with a score of 21-19.

The beginning of the second game was also tight with each other taking turns to win points. The new gap occurred after Kevin / Marcus won two consecutive points to lead 4-2.

Fajar/Rian never got the moment to equalize the score. Kevin / Marcus were able to widen the advantage to 10/6 and then took the lead in the 11-6 interval.

Fajar/Rian managed to cut the distance to three points after the break, but Kevin/Marcus continued to be in a superior position until 15-12.

Kevin/Marcus were able to be on the verge of winning the second game by leading 19-16 after successfully returning the ball from Fajar. But the situation actually made Kevin/Marcus depressed and the score changed to 20-20, the match had to continue setting.

Fajar/Rian then took the lead 21-20. In a tense situation, both pairs made mistakes until the score changed to 22-22.

Setting continued to occur in the second game, which made the score 26-26. Fajar/Rian also won the men’s doubles Danish Open with a score of 28-26.

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