Double activity of Club Ibón in Huesca and Zaragoza

During the past weekend, the members of the Club Ibón School have carried out various activities, beginning on Saturday at the club’s facilities, where the III Aikido Interclub Meeting had been convened, an activity organized by the Aragonese Federation of Judo and DA and directed by Sergio Juste from Huesca, 5th Dan of Aikido and by Apolo Rdh, 4th Dan. This meeting brought together more than forty athletes from all over Aragon. During the morning, the course was developed that for many of them will serve as an improvement for their degree step.

Simultaneously, the judokas of the Club Ibón School moved to the facilities of the Judo Club Zaragoza to carry out a training session between both clubs. Almost fifty children and cadets gathered there. The group from Huesca traveled with their coach Raúl Poblador to carry out two training sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, led by Pablo Lambea and Javier Rivero, JC Zaragoza coaches. These training sessions make relations between clubs from different provinces strengthen ties, enhancing friendship and not only meeting in competitions.

In addition, on Sunday morning some judokas from Ibón carried out the 4th Course of technical improvement organized by the Aragonese Federation preparatory for the upcoming black belt exams.


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