“Discussions” between Millonarios players, leak of Jean Pineda from DIM

The encounters between the footballers of the ‘ambassador’ club would have occurred during the local 1-2 defeat against Independent Medellin, duel with which both squads caught up with the Betplay League.

The result left DIM qualified for the semifinals, while the ‘ambassadors’ were eighth and depending on winning in the last journey, in Barrancabermeja before Alianza Petrolera.

However, the series of setbacks apparently warmed the spirits inside the campus if one takes into account that a referent like Macalister Silva was dispatched against the fans themselves.

But the friction would also be seen between the same players, as revealed Jean Pineda, author of the goal with which Medellín achieved victory in Bogotá.

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They filter “discussions” between Millionaires players

Jean Pineda, a DIM flyer and in charge of airing the situation, said in Blue Radio that during the match against the blue cast he realized what was happening.

“You could see on the faces of the Millonarios players that they had that pressure to get the result. They felt that desperation, “ pointed.

And he revealed that there was friction between the footballers of the capital team:

“They saw themselves arguing with each other.”

However, he lowered the temperature to the fact: “Since things are not working out for them, that is something normal, something from football. They are living their bad moment and that’s normal”.

Finally, he said that Independiente Medellín managed to win in the last breath with his definition thanks to the fact that: “In Millionaires everyone went on the attack and we were able to carry out that counterattack.”

“The important thing was that we got our result,” he concluded.

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On video, the first goal of the match:


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