Disappeared, Qatari World Cup pedestrian imprisoned in Iran


Santiago Sanchez, the Spaniard who traveled to Qatar to watch the 2022 World Cup, has been declared missing in Iran. Apparently, he was imprisoned.

Launch BBC, said one of his colleagues, Franco Salamanca. Sanchez is known to have been arrested and imprisoned in Iran, a country that is currently in turmoil due to the death of activist Mahsa Amini.

“He has been arrested and is now imprisoned in Tehran,” he said.

The Spanish Foreign Minister has tried to contact the BBC. However, no answer was given.

Salamanca said he had planned to meet Sanchez in Iran. However, he canceled it for work reasons.

“It was a coincidence that I spoke with him, because I was planning to follow him on the last stage of his trip to Iran. Due to work reasons, I couldn’t catch up with him and stay in Spain,” said Salamanca.

Sanchez had previously uploaded a photo on his Instagram. “Last village in Iraq, mountains separate me from Iran, next country before heading to Qatar,” he wrote on Instagram.

Santiago Sanchez, who is also a Real Madrid fan, started his journey in January. He crossed Europe and Turkey, sleeping in tents, hotels, to residential areas, to get to Qatar to watch the 2022 World Cup.

The man who is also a former paratrooper then intends to visit Tehran, where a television station is waiting for him for an interview. Next, he will head to Bandar Abbas, a port in southern Iran, before taking a boat to Qatar.

Sanchez had said that the internet network in Iran was bad, so his family did not feel anxious. However, no news from him for 10 days made his family start to panic. On October 17, Sanchez was reported missing.

The family was then notified by the Spanish Government, that Santiago Sanchez was imprisoned. There is no official reason for the fan’s detention.

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