Denis Odoi is delighted with the qualification of Bruges … and tackles Anderlecht: “We are no longer a team” (video)

Denis Odoi was delighted with the qualification of the Brugeois for the knockout stages of the Champions League. The Blauw & Zwart defender delivered a good game, like his entire team.

This European performance, he wants to savor it. We had a goal today. Everyone gave their all. It was not an easy match, they were more aggressive than at home, but we did well collectively, we had Simon in goal, which was huge.”he underlined, highlighting the colossal performance of his goalkeeper.

Passed by Anderlecht between 2011 and 2013, Denis Odoi also took the opportunity to slip a little cleat to his former employer. It is a collective success of Bruges. Some players are a little more “flash”, but it’s a collective performance, you don’t do it with 2-3 players. That’s the difference with the team I had in Anderlecht, Bruges is more of a team. Everyone is running for each other”launched the player from Bruges.

He was also delighted, to finish, with the overall performance of Bruges in the Champions League this season. No one can talk about us and say it’s not deserved”, he says. It is said.


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