DeNA notifies 7 players including Tomoya Mikami and Toshihiko Kuramoto that they are out of force | Toshihito Takagi will not sign a contract next season |

Ariyoshi notifies Takagi and others that he will not sign a contract next season

DeNA announced on the 16th that pitchers Tomoya Mikami, Shota Asada and Yuki Ariyoshi, catchers Toshihito Takagi, infielders Toshihiko Kuramoto and Koki Yamashita, and outfielder Hideaki Miyamoto will not be signed for the 2023 season. announced that it did.

Mikami entered DeNA in 4th place in the 2013 draft. In his first year in 2014, he pitched 65 games and marked 21 saves. Starting in 2016, he pitched in over 50 games for three straight years. He pitched in 19 games this season, going undefeated and posting a 3.65 ERA.

Kuramoto joined the team in 3rd place in the 2014 draft. He won the Opening Day starting lineup as a rookie shortstop in 2015 and appeared in all 143 games in 2017. However, after that, he reduced his chances of participation, and this season he has participated in 44 games with a batting average of .173, 1 home run, and 2 RBIs. Although he entered the opening first army, he was off the bench in the climax series.

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