Crotone, assigned the gyms to sports associations

All nine sports associations that have submitted a specific request will have a gym where they can exercise their business.

It was established during the Commission made up of the manager of the Sports sector, the representative of the CONI CONI, the CIP, the EMFS coordinator, the designated school manager of the ATP

The planning of the Department of Sports Facilities and the collaboration of schools has allowed all associations, ASD Freedom to play, ASD Futsal Kroton, ASD I Fit Club, Asd Judo Calabro Crotone, Asd Judo Milone, Asd New Team 2000 , Asd Tennis Academy Crotone, Asd Tennis Club Crotone and Asd Volleyball Crotone had the opportunity to use the gyms during non-school hours.


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