Cropani, inauguration of the pitch in via Cassia

The adjectives for the sports field in Via Cassia change: no longer ugly and abandoned, but beautiful and well-kept. After years of neglect, theGeneva association in the context of Bella Piazza projectmade with the support of Foundation with the South, has managed to give new life to the plant. Transforming it, after years of neglect, into a multi-sports field in which to practice football, volleyball, tennis and badminton.
The inaugural ceremony took place last Saturday on the occasion of the European Day of Foundations created to celebrate the #beniritornati. And, now, Cropani and the whole district have a multipurpose structure that wants to welcome, include and above all fight early school leaving. “Our will – explained the president Velia Lodari – is to put the person at the center of our action. Nobody should feel excluded and everyone should be an active part of the community “.

. And so, since the morning, the children of Cropani and the surrounding area have invaded the sports facility. Thanks also to a beautiful sunny day, the boys were able to try their hand at their favorite sports led by the instructors Patrizia Trimarchi and Carlotta Chiricò. The children were also able to experience the game of badminton and handball, while the adults started tennis from 4 pm, while at 6 pm, the president of the Ginevra Velia Lodari association, the mayor of Cropani, Raffaele Mercurio, and the children protagonists cut the ribbon officially starting the opening of the fields. While mayors and administrators of the district have tried their hand at the football match. To close the day the challenge between the boys of the De Luca little champions who fought against the Asd Winner Boys, partner of Bella Piazza.

“It was a beautiful day” commented the very satisfied president Velia Lodari after two days full of events and emotions. “Bella Piazza – she added – is a beautiful project that embraces the whole territory that can reach 2000 people. In addition to the Social Aggregation Center, intended for children and adults, we have created this formidable sports facility “. Lodari added: “Thanks to the Foundation with the South who believed in our ideas. Thanks to the many traders who have financed the construction of the plant and help us in facing the costs. This field – she concluded – offers opportunities to everyone: from adults to children and without forgetting people with disabilities. We make inclusion and create a strong network with local associations “.

Cropani abhors the bell towers to promote the synergistic development of the territory between the Ionian Sea and the small Sila.



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