Concern for the tennis courts of Ondarreta

The continuity of the Ondarreta tennis courts has been called into question by the Costas service, since the law that entered into force in 2013 does not allow infrastructures that may be elsewhere to be located in maritime-terrestrial public domain spaces. The matter worries the municipal officials, who would not like to see the Ondarreta Tennis courts disappear, as the Coastal service has suggested to renew the space’s expired concession. The same body has put conditions for the ZM contestwhich has been unused for years.

The Royal Tennis Club of Ondarreta was created in 1904 as a modern sports center of the time, with facilities to practice different sports, although tennis was taking a leading role, which has survived to this day. Other disciplines related to aquatic activities are also offered at the Ondarreta club.

The danger that the renewal of the Costas concessions will make the tennis courts disappear is another problem derived from the situation in which these coastal land transfers are found, which affect localities throughout the State.

In many cases, the municipalities and different environmental groups, which demand strict compliance with the law, have gone to court to see how to interpret the regulations, which may force the suppression of different coastal facilities.

In the meantime, The body dependent on the Ministry of the Environment does not renew the concessions and awaits a judicial position that will indicate the path to be taken in some places and others.


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