Click, special Qatar 2022: “A carbon-neutral World Cup, can we believe it?”

The organization of the 2022 edition in Qatar of the most watched sporting event on the planet is particularly criticized. Ecological disaster, human rights violated on the altar of spectacle, and contested broadcasting, what reactions should football authorities, public authorities and the media adopt regarding the World Cup? Follow the analyzes in this prime-time Click: Qatar, the cup is fullthis Thursday, October 6 at 8:35 p.m. on La Trois.

The Football World Cup in Qatar suddenly seems to be the concentrate of all evils: ecological mismanagement, infrastructure built in unhumane conditions, all against a backdrop of the energy and climate crisis. Football fans wonder if they will be able to get excited about the matches, some Belgian cities refuse to place giant screens, personalities claim that they will not follow the event… So, is the cup full?

► Discover above, a first excerpt from this October 6 prime time on the carbon footprint of the World Cup in Qatar.

We announce 3,631,000 tonnes of CO, the equivalent of the emissions of several Belgian cities over one year such as Charleroi and Châtelet, Liège and Herstal or Brussels and Saint-Gilles. This is the most polluting world cup in history, ahead of Brazil 2014 which had 2.7 million and Russia 2018 and its 2.1 million. CO 48% of which comes from air travel, to which we add housing, other travel, the operation and construction of stadiums.

These figures come from an official FIFA report. But… perhaps the most impressive figure in this report is the following: 0. “For FIFA and Qatar, this World Cup will be carbon neutral thanks to a series of offsets. A carbon neutral World Cup would be a first, but can we really believe that Qatar will be able to offset 3 million 631,000 tons of CO₂ ? wonders Thanks to Messoudi.



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