classic celebration, and anger with the voice of the stadium!

Leap. The Scream. She partied…and got mad, Nestor Ortigoza. During the game, in a tense crossover with Federico Factors, the central steering wheel of Hurricane. And at the end of the classic, with the voice of the San Lorenzo stadium! Yes, that’s how busy the derby was for Gordo, who earned a place on the substitutes’ bench at the last minute, entered, scored two goal balls and was applauded.

At 37 years old, Ortigoza He understands that he will not be given many more joys like the ones he experienced this Saturday, with a victory against his eternal rival in the Bidegain. Maybe that’s why, because he knows “That there is little of all this”was that “I enjoyed a lot”, in his own words.

“We deserved a victory, both the people -who have been supporting us in this tournament- and us: the group and the coaching staff. The fan understood that we have a group of kids and encouraged. It is a joy for the people, we stayed with the classic at home and we were fair winners”, he stated to whom Gattoni gave him the bracelet so that Ortigoza could wear it in the last stretch of the match.

“I’m happy because you know you do everything. That this is a difficult moment, that there are always one or two assholes who want to make a mess… But I have a thousand battles to keep moving San Lorenzo forward. I love this club”added the referent, author of the most important goal in Boedo’s history: the one that gave him victory in the 2014 Libertadores final.

And if everything ends in the end, also its history in the San Lorenzo-Hurricane? When consulted on TNT Sports, Ortigoza -unlike what he does on the court- threw it out. Football is football, ha”he replied before finishing the note.

Is it, then, an indication of what the future of the captain of the Cyclone will be? Will there be Ortigoza beyond 2023?

Ortigoza’s anger with the voice of the stadium

Nestor Ortigoza He had his moment of release: after the game he snorted on TV because from the voice of the Pedro Bidegain stadium they forgot to mention his presence on the substitute bench.

“Everything happens here. Today they forgot to say my name. Is it from San Lorenzo or Huracán who gives the list? One knows how to look to the sides, and wants San Lorenzo to be well. I hug these people”, he complained, drawing a smile but clearly angry. But what happened?

The inclusion of Orti in the classic was at the last moment, to such an extent that the youthful Calcaterra was written down in his place on the official list. However, the item was corrected in time for the press to have the updated payrollalthough this was not changed in the booth of the person in charge of announcing the formations.

Nevertheless, the official voice of Bidegain approached the playing field once the match was over to clarify what had happened to Ortigoza, who somehow had felt ignored. The anger was there…



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