Champions League: Rüdiger: “I’m surprised how quickly I’ve adapted”

Si Ruediger If he already spoke Spanish fluently, one would think that he has been at Real Madrid for five seasons. That is the feeling that he conveys on the field and that he has the player himself amazed. Because the german defender has fit like a glove in the team and in the locker room. The group loves him and Ancelotti enjoys its quality and versatility. To the point that Rüdiger has played 15 of the 16 games for Real Madrid. He is seen loose even at a press conference, where he spoke about everything without complexes.

The future of Kroos: “Toni Kroos is a legend at Real Madrid. He is respected at the club and the team, I can’t say much more. He enjoys playing and decides for himself. He knows what it means to everyone and I hope he decides to continue. In the national team He made a difference and we will miss him”.

Kroos knows what he means to everyone and I hope he decides to continue, he is a Real Madrid legend

Vinicius: “Vinicius is like a little brother. He helps me speak Spanish and as a player he has enormous potential and he shows it game by game. He’s constant, he helps the team… and I think he can win the Ballon d’Or in the future “.

Leipzig: “I haven’t had contact before, we’ll talk after the game. I’ve already said that it’s a young team, with huge potential. I know Werner well, I started playing with him. I hope he shows how good he is, but in the World Cup, no tomorrow”.

Vinicius is like a little brother

His first months in Madrid: “I’m satisfied with my performance. Looking at the World Cup, I feel like I’m on a good run. I don’t have to play every game, because we have a large and high-quality squad. I feel like I’m 10 out of 10”

His position in the Ballon d’Or: “Benzema deserves it, he played fantastically. It’s the first time my name was there in the ranking… It’s nice to be there, but it doesn’t change anything in my head”

How are you and what awaits you tomorrow: “I feel good. Tomorrow a very intense rival awaits us, with very fast players and a very strong attacker like Werner”.

His start in Madrid: “I am surprised how quickly I have adapted. I have had the help of Kroos and Alaba. I am very happy. As I said in my presentation, I will give 100% for this club.”



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