Central Argentino and Banda Norte won and dream of qualifying – Al Toque Deportes

Part of the ninth date of the 25th Cordoba Basketball League with all three teams Riocuartense Basketball Association signing participation on Friday night.

Central Argentino achieved an important victory against Federal Mortar Fire, team with which the positions are played. It was 71-54 in the “Palacio de los Deportes”.

Lorenzo Possetto signed the best performance of the game with 18 points for the victory of the “red”, while in the set of Morteros Agustín Busso stood out with 17 points. Those led by Valentín Ontivero also had Tadeo Robledo, Juan Cruz Dobla and Valentín Tobares in good shape.

Central Argentino becomes strong at home: four wins in four games at the “Palacio de los Deportes”.

In this way, Central Argentino reaches 12 points and catches up with Morteros in the Group A standings. The leader, Ameghino de Villa María, escapes at the top with 16 units.

Sporting Club of Sampacho could not continue on the right path and fell for a single triple against Sarmiento of Lions as a visitor, 54-51. The last minutes were very tense and both failed offensively.

With 52 seconds remaining, a basket by Pablo Renzi -figure and top scorer of the night with 18 points-, gave the locals the chance to lead by two points. Finally, one more free kick closed the comeback for the Leones. The Sampachense team continues at the bottom of the Group A positions.

Sporting fell in Leones against Sarmiento.

The one who maintains his conviction to win the area is North Band. In Parque Sarmiento, she unceremoniously defeated Pilar Sports Club by 87-59, although he will remain second since he also won Suardi sportsman of Santa Fe.

Federico Ferrero He was the top scorer of the game with 17 points for the victory of those led by Fernando “Chueco” Aguilar. Guillermo Giuliodori also had a good game with 15 goals. During the visit, Ignacio Godoy scored 12 points.

Banda Norte does not get out of the fight in Group B.

Next, the updated positions and the advance of the tenth date of the contest.

25th Cordoba Basketball League

Table of positions – Group A

# Equipment PJ PG PP Points TF TC DIF
1 Ameghino (Villa Maria) 8 8 0 16 672 550 +122
2 Central Argentino 8 4 4 12 523 542 -19
3 Federal Shooting (Mortars) 8 4 4 12 556 561 -5
4 Porteña AC and D. 8 3 5 11 635 638 -3
5 Sarmiento (Lions) 8 3 5 11 576 635 -59
6 Sporting Club (Sampacho) 8 2 6 10 504 540 -36

Table of positions – Group B

# Equipment PJ PG PP Points TF TC DIF
1 Suardi sportsman (Santa Fe) 8 6 2 14 689 567 +122
2 North Band 8 6 2 14 676 574 +102
3 San Guillermo Union (Santa Fe) 8 4 4 12 607 632 -25
4 Pilar Sports Club 8 1 7 9 573 698 -125
5 Chañares (James Craik) * 8 1 7 8 524 731 -207
* Chañares (JC) had one point deducted due to suspension.

Date 10 (October 7)

  • Group A | Porteña A. C. y D. Vs. Central Argentino
  • Group A | Ameghino (Villa Maria) Vs. Sporting Club (Sampacho)
  • Group B | Suardi Sportsman (Santa Fe) Vs. North Band


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