Cali defeated America with a score by Teófilo Gutiérrez

A comforting victory, no less than in the Valle del Cauca classic against America, and in Jorge Luis Pinto’s debut as coach, Deportivo Cali achieved yesterday at its Palmaseca stadium, on date 16.

The only goal of the game was the work of Teófilo Gutiérrez, from a penalty kick, in the 80th minute.

While the sugar producers achieved their second victory in the League and left the bottom of the table, the Reds, who suffered two expulsions in the classic, compromised their qualification for the second phase.

América dominated the first half, generating many approaches and losing several scoring options.

At 7 minutes the red team warned by taking advantage of a Fabry Castro turnover, Juan David Pérez finished off from the half-moon and Humberto Acevedo, with just enough, deflected the corner kick.

At 19, Pérez appeared again in the sugar area, and when he was preparing the right hand, Juan José Mina miraculously appeared to bother him.

America was more, they dominated the midfield, came down the flanks and supplied Adrián Ramos and Gianfranco Peña with balls.

Cali, meanwhile, lacked a mark in the middle of the field, and in defense they had problems to stop the crimson advance.

In the 24th minute there were two options for América: Juan David Pérez, alone and instead of shooting when he had the goal at his disposal, opted to share the ball with Gianfranco Peña, who at the moment of kicking, was lawfully destabilized by German Mere.

America’s options continued: at 33 Acevedo excelled by deflecting a clear shot from Peña, at 35 the sugar goalkeeper again excelled by evacuating a left-footed shot from Déinner Quiñoes, and at 43 a center by Adrián found only Déiner, but wasted by sending the ball above the horizontal.

In the second half the roles were reversed: América decreased in its football, and Cali improved in all its lines.

At 73 minutes Portilla saw a red card and that left the Guimaraes team without one of their best men. But the shelf fell to the Scarlets in the 75th minute with the red card to John García and the penalty penalty for an elbow on Burdisso in an aerial play.

After the VAR review, Teófilo cashed in and scored the 1-0. Cali later handled the ball against an America that no longer had the nerve to go for the tie.

In this way, Pinto’s debut took place, a triumph that comes in handy and that fills with confidence so that the coach continues to consolidate his style.
On the sides of America, the concern remains because it is moving away from the group of eight.


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