Cádiz responds with a full house at the Raúl Calvo Memorial

The forty-ninth edition of the Raúl Calvo Memorial International Judo Trophya benchmark in this sport not only in Cádiz but also beyond our borders, is going to pay off, when there is still one day to play, with a resounding success both in sports and public attendancewhich yesterday packed the stands of the City of Cadiz Pavilion.

More than 300 athletes were present at a date in which, in the purely competitive aspect, the team of Valencia was the most prominent win the title of this forty-ninth edition. Switzerland, second, stayed on the verge of victory, while Morocco and Madrid shared third place. For its part, Andalusia had to settle for seventh place in the final despite its good performance.

But beyond the competitive aspect, the Raul Calvo Memorial is much more and on this occasion, on which he was returning to Cádiz thanks to the support received from the City Council, he wanted to take a step forward by organizing a training course of action in case of denunciation of violence, mistreatment of child or adolescent sexual abuseas part of the implementation of the protocol for the protection of minors against violence.

Hours before, the Ciudad de Cádiz had also been the scene of a Master Class taught by Vitaly Makarov and Javier Delgadotwo greats in the sport of judo and who, furthermore, are closely linked not only with Cádiz, but also with the organization of this event.

The Raúl Calvo Memorial, which next year it will be half a century old, will experience its second and final day today, with a training session in which all the teams will participate starting at 10:30 in the morning. It should be remembered that Admission to the City of Cádiz Pavilion is completely free.


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