Byung-il Choi, Chairman of Anyang City Council, “It’s a great season to exercise, and that October has arrived”

‘Two days, visit to the indoor badminton court located in Pyeongchon Freedom Park’
‘Participation in the final of the 30th Anyang City Council President’s Soccer Tournament… Awards Ceremony to the winning team’

Photo source: Choi Byung-il’s Facebook.

[로컬라이프] Reporter Jun-hyeong Song = Chairman of Anyang City Council Choi Byung-il said on the 2nd, the perfect season to exercise, that October has arrived.

Chairman Choi said on his Facebook today, How did you all spend this weekend? I said that I met several citizens who like sports.

At the same time, he said that he visited the indoor badminton court located in Pyeongchon Freedom Park after hearing that the Pyeongchon Badminton Club was holding its own competition. She said that she was deeply impressed by the enthusiasm of the members of the Pyeongchon Badminton Club for badminton.

After that, he announced that he had attended the final of the 30th Anyang City Council Chairperson Soccer Tournament held from September 25th and delivered the winning flag to the winning team and participated in the awards ceremony.

Chairman Choi congratulated the team that won the soccer tournament this time, and said that regardless of the result, he thought that sweat on the ground should be respected. .

In addition, he said that October is a good time to exercise. How about working out at a nearby park or gym with your family on a sunny day in October 2022? He said that he would greet him warmly if he met him while exercising.

[저작권자ⓒ 로컬라이프. 무단전재-재배포 금지]



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