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BVB in the round of 16 +++ Coal rain for Dortmund |

Haaland sees no country!

He had imagined this reunion differently!

164 days after his last home game for BVB, Erling Haaland (22) returns to Dortmund – and remains goalless at 0-0 with Manchester City.

This is mainly due to Mats Hummels (33)!

The DFB defender delivers in a duel with Haaland (BILD grade 1), keeps the Norwegian in check almost alone.

Hummels of all things!

Through his criticism of teammates, Hummels had repeatedly put his finger on the BVB wound in recent weeks.

With the city performance he shows: behind the big mouth there is really something!

What a great goal! Do you remember THIS ex-BVB striker?

What: Twitter: SAIFHD27


Haaland remains totally harmless when he returns to the Ruhr area. At halftime he has just 13 ball contacts and doesn’t even shoot at the Dortmund goal. Then it’s over for Haaland. He will be substituted at the break.

By then, BVB must have been in the lead for a long time. But Dortmund missed two top chances at the same time.

15 minutes: Adeyemi goes through in the penalty area on the right, but fails because of ex-Bielefeld Ortega, who is making his debut for City.

36 minutes: Adeyemi crosses, Moukoko pushes the ball past the Manchester goal from eleven yards.

After the restart, BVB almost gave the game away themselves.

57 minutes: Emre Can hits Mahrez in the penalty area. A clear penalty.

The foul occurs himself – but BVB goalkeeper Gregor Kobel (24) parries the ball in the right corner. In this way, the Swiss keeper at least captured the point that secured BVB a place in the round of 16 in the Champions League.

And gives the people of Dortmund a rain of coal! By reaching the knockout phase, the BVB bosses can look forward to 9.6 million euros.

Jude Bellingham on Amazon Prime: “I’m going to spend a few days on the massage table. That means a lot to me because we didn’t reach the round of 16 last year. Erling only played 45 minutes so we didn’t have to worry about him until the end.”

BVB coach Edin Terzic: “We finally got a point today against City. We played a really good game in the first half. I’ve rarely seen City play where they had so few chances.”

Hummels: “If I criticize like I did two weeks ago, then you have to expect me to lead the way both in terms of performance and my style. Everyone put their heart into it, we have to lead in the first half. In particular, I would like to single out Karim Adeyemi, who worked like a bull on the right flank for 70 minutes.”



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