Borussia Dortmund: Goalkeeper Meyer annoyed after BVB bankruptcy in Cologne – “It doesn’t work” | Sports

After this achievement bursts itself BVB-Trainer Edin Terzic (39) the collar!

The otherwise calm coach rages after the 2: 3 defeat of the BVB in Cologne at the Sky microphone.

Terzic: “Before every season we are asked about expectations and we always put the brakes on the euphoria because of games like today.”

And further: “Today we saw again very clearly what has been lacking for years to knock on the top.”

BVB goalkeeper totally annoyed

His goalkeeper Alexander Meyer (31), who stood in for the injured goalkeeper Gregor Kobel (24), is also totally annoyed.

Meyer, who came from Regensburg before the season: “If you don’t decide the game in the first half and kill it, then we know that Cologne will throw everything in after half-time. If we don’t all fight it together, it will be difficult and you won’t get any points. Our appearance after half-time is not at all. We played really well in the first half, so we can’t really blame ourselves for that. (…) We have to act together, as a team we have to defend everything that was missing. Many were busy with themselves – that’s not possible! If we had defended it as a team, Cologne would have had a much harder time. We were too passive. You noticed that Cologne was more grippy and disgusting after the 1-1 draw. We have to work on that, fight back more as a team. Some teams come across as combative – we have to counteract that. (…) We have good guys who have got fit again: Adeyemi, Malen – Tony also gave it his all. We have a broad squad, that’s no excuse for someone missing. We had enough guys on the pitch who could have won the game for us.”

Especially the second half of his team causes the frustration of his coach Terzic. Thanks to a goal by national player Julian Brandt (26), the Ruhrpott club leads 1-0 at half-time.

In the second round, however, Dortmund collapse – although Terzic warns of exactly that!

Terzic: “During the break we discuss that it is extremely important how we start in the second half, and then after eight seconds we get the first corner.”

Cologne turned the game around in just 153 seconds with goals from Florian Kainz (53rd) and ex-Dortmunder Steffen Tigges (56th).

Edin Terzic cannot be satisfied with his team’s performance

Photo: Andreas Pohl / BILD

Dejan Ljubicic scores with a flick from the edge of the box to make it 3-1 and makes Cologne coach Steffen Baumgart (50) dance!

When cheering on the bench, the coach stops on the sidelines, takes two steps to the left, two steps to the right and then continues to cheer.

Baumgart dances, Terzic rages!

Baumgart: “You should be allowed to do a little dance after a win against Dortmund.”

Although Dortmund came back 2: 3 (78th) after Benno Schmitz’s own goal (27), they were unable to equalize.

The game is also bitter for BVB striker Anthony Modeste (34), who is returning to the cathedral city for the first time since moving.

The Frenchman is whistled at every ball contact, fires only one shot in 90 minutes and remains harmless.

FC madness! Cologne’s 153-second frenzy

Source: image


Tigges, of all people, who the Cologne team had signed before the season as Modeste’s long-term successor from BVB, then scores.

Referee decision upset BVB

A referee’s decision also annoys BVB. In the 25th minute, Cologne kicker Duda kicked Özcan around in midfield without a chance to get the ball. A clear red card! Referee Harm Osmers only pulls out a yellow card, Cologne can play to the end with eleven men and celebrate at the end (see also referee column on page 4).

Goalscorer Ljubicic: “If I ever stop playing football, I will remember this game.”

Modeste and Terzic, on the other hand, probably want to forget the game as soon as possible …



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