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Unlike other tournaments, where there was an abysmal difference between the pointer and the eighth, in the Betplay II-2022 League the panorama is different. Among the first in the table: Millonarios and Santa Fe, and Unión Magdalena, which is eighth, are barely separated by 5 points. This weekend there will be decisive matches for the aspiration of several teams. Some who caress the classification and others seek some “papayazo”.

As of date 16, the group of eight arrives with Millonarios and Santa Fe leaders, with 28 points, after the cardinal’s victory in the middle of the week due to an early duel on day 17. Atlético Nacional was another that took advantage of the classic to balance cash and he placed third with 27 units. Águilas Doradas and Pasto are not out of tune and add up to 26. Further down are Pereira and Medellín with 25, and the group is closed by a deflated Unión Magdalena, with 24.

However, the table is so tight that even Deportes Tolima, which has 16 points and is ranked 14th, has strong aspirations to get into the conversation. He is separated by 8 points from the eighth and has 15 left to play. A close with a perfect score and a series of results from the top teams would allow him to rise from the ashes. However, the pijao has America, Once Caldas, Equity, Junior, Bucaramanga and Envigado ahead. All with tangible options.

In FUTBOLRED we review the matches that remain for the clubs that fight for classification. Some will have a more difficult tournament closure than others, fighting duels with direct rivals or teams that are fighting not to be relegated. It will be a League auction to rent a ball.

It should be remembered that Santa Fe and Nacional are the only two that are among the eight and have just four games ahead of them (with no pending dates), after having advanced the classic this week. The other teams have the possibility of adding the 15 points.

Millionaires: Patriotas (date 18), Pereira (date 16), Tolima (date 19), Medellín (date 12) and Alianza (date 20).

Santa Fe: Alianza (date 16), Jaguares (date 18), Cali (date 19) and Once Caldas (date 20).

National Athletic: Águilas (date 16), Once Caldas (date 17), Pereira (date 19) and Equidad (date 20).

Golden Eagles: Nacional (date 16), Cali (date 17), Pasto (date 18), Envigado (date 19) and Cortuluá (date 20).

Sports Pasto: Tolima (date 16), Patriotas (date 17), Águilas (date 18), América (date 19) and DIM (date 20).

Deportivo Pereira: Envigado (date 17), Unión (date 18), Millonarios (date 16), Nacional (date 19) and Bucaramanga (date 20).

Independent Medellin: Unión (date 16), Bucaramanga (date 17), Jaguares (date 19), Millonarios (date 12) and Pasto (date 20).

Magdalena Union: DIM (date 16), Junior (date 17), Pereira (date 18), Equity (date 19) and America (date 20).

Already out of the eight there are seven other teams that have great options to qualify. Of course, they do not depend only on a perfect closure, but also, that they need the missteps of several in the upper part.

America: Cali (date 16), Jaguares (date 17), Alianza (date 18), Pasto (date 19) and Unión (date 20).

Once Caldas: Cortuluá (date 16), Nacional (date 17), Cali (date 18), Alianza (date 19) and Santa Fe (date 20).

Equity: Cortuluá (date 17), Bucaramanga (date 18), Unión (date 19) and Nacional (date 20).

Junior: Bucaramanga (date 16), Unión (date 17), Envigado (date 18), Cortuluá (date 19) and Jaguares (date 20).

Bucaramanga: Junior (date 16), Equidad (date 18), DIM (date 17), Patriotas (date 19) and Pereira (date 20).

Envigado: Pereira (date 17), Junior (date 18), Águilas (date 19) and Tolima (date 20).

Sports Tolima: Pasto (date 16), Alianza (date 17), Cortuluá (date 18), Millonarios (date 19) and Envigado (date 20).



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