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The BetPlay League will reach the final stretch in the round robin phase soon. Four days and some pending duels, from previous dates, is what remains to define the eight classified for the home runs, who will dispute the title at the end of the year.

14 clubs have options to qualify, because at this point, no team has managed to secure itself in the finals of the year. The only clubs eliminated at this time are Tolima, Jaguares, Patriotas, Alianza Petrolera, Cali and Cortuluá, they have no chance.

Envigado, as the last club in the options, has 19 units, with 12 points to play for, if they win all their duels, they would reach 31 points. Depending on other results, the option in the orange box remains, even though it is limited to something mathematical. Like Bucaramanga, with 21 units.

In the case of the oranges, playing with probabilities and direct crosses, which would occur in the coming days.

The eighth classified, for the moment, is Once Caldas with 25 units. From now on, there is a queue up to 29 units, with Pasto as the leader of the championship.

In that sense, the magic number to reach home runs would be around 31 points, as a starting point to decree the clubs that will advance to the phase. Now, another of the items that will be decisive will be the goal difference, where a large part of the clubs involved have the item in favor. It should be noted that in recent championships, that number has reached 29 points, as a trend since 2021.

The figure could vary, depending on the results that are given and postponed duels, which will be completed only before the start of date 20, the final day in the BetPlay League.



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