Berni blamed Gymnastics for the overselling and regretted the actions of the police

The Minister of Security of the Province of Buenos Aires went through TyC Sports after the scandal between Lobo and Boca, assured that he will denounce Pellegrino and that he will investigate those responsible for the failure of the operation.

Sergio BerniMinister of Security of the Province of Buenos Aires, spoke with TyC Sports after the scandal with the confrontation between the police and the fans of Gym which forced the meeting to be suspended Boca in the Juan Carmelo Zerillo State by Professional Leaguey blamed the leaders of the Wolf for the chaos that occurred with the overselling of tickets and assured that it will investigate to determine those responsible for the excessive repression in the operation.

The club pays an operation for “so many” tickets sold. The one who organizes the football match is the club and it has to be responsible like any other event. The operation is to control the surroundings of the stadium, not what happens inside, that’s why there is no inside, there is the minimum amount to guarantee the safety of the players and the referee”, The Buenos Aires minister declared at the beginning. “There were 350 contracted policemen, but they sell more tickets. I renounce football for these things. When they have to control the entrances they magically lose internet, they can’t control them, the jostling begins and then nobody is responsible, it is always the police. I’m not saying I’m not responsible. When members and people who want to enjoy football are going to kick out those who do business with the lives of others. With Pellegrino I am going to make the corresponding criminal complaint”, declared later.

Berni, in TyC Sports after the chaos in Gimnasia vs. Boca


Berni, in TyC Sports after the chaos in Gimnasia vs. Boca

Sergio Berni, about the TyC Sports cameraman injured by a police officer’s shot and the Gimnasia fan who died

“Cameraman or not, no police officer can shoot, even rubber ammunition, directly at the body. They have a responsibility to answer for. At this time, the first thing we did was restore order around the stadium and evacuate people. It was chaos, 30,000 people inhaling tear gas,” assured Sergio Berni in TyC Sports. “Civil Defense was able to evacuate the stadium without being able to collide with the violent ones who tried to break the stadium to enter. The second priority was to attend to the wounded, who were said to be many. Unfortunately, the death of a 56-year-old person must be reported. that he had a heart problem. It is not anyone’s fault, there is a responsibility because it is a death that could have been avoided. Apart from that, justice is working ex officio to determine responsibility for what happened “, complete.

“You don’t have to be a security expert to know that you don’t have to throw so many tear gas outside the stadium. We are going to investigate to see what happened and there is a person in charge who will have to be held accountable. I am going to investigate who gave the order to throw them. The entrance to the stadium is managed by the club.he asserted later. “I do not participate in police operations in football, I was present because it was a lack of control. Once we have normalized the situation, we will investigate what happened. The priority is the injured, so that people can go home in the best possible way. his house and we will investigate what happened”he concluded.

(VIDEO) Berni, in TyC Sports after the chaos in Gimnasia vs. Boca


(VIDEO) Berni, in TyC Sports after the chaos in Gimnasia vs. Boca

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