Ben Affleck relies on the power of classic Nike models

There is something really precious in the indifference with which Ben Affleck addresses the paparazzi. She is not there to walk glamorously as he crosses the street. He just wants to get an ice cream from Dunkin’ Donuts, get his mail, or stop by Matt Damon’s house for a Diet Coke and chat about sneakers. Because, although Ben Affleck he is not very interested in resorting to a great outfit to break into the streets, he does care about the sneakers —and a lot, actually.

The classics always work

While I was probably sending a message to Jennifer Lopez saying that, honestly, he did not care at all what they had for dinner, Ben Affleck was seen with a pair of tenis Nike Dunk Lows. Neutral in color and apparently part of the exclusive collaboration of Swoosh with retailer Size, this is another grail in the collection of sneakers the Ben Affleck.

Ben Affleck usa tenis Nike Dunk LowGetty Images

We’ve previously seen him wear the Air Jordan 1 Lows, the Travis Scott Retro Lows, and the Air Force 1 in multiple colorways. Apparently, Ben Affleck he is a loyal guy Nikelike most men, which is a unique achievement enjoyed by the world’s largest sports brand, whose catalog boasts some of the most popular collaborations among men. sneakerheads. The silhouettes favored by the star of Deep Water they’ve been neglected for decades, and continue to be sold to 17-year-olds who may or may not have express permission to use dad’s credit cards, as well as to the very parents they’re scamming. That kind of hype constant is priceless, and is much, much stronger than the fleeting tendencies of younger rivals.

But the power of Swoosh it goes beyond multi-generational appeal. Despite the new kind of experimentation of the menswearmany men like Ben Affleck, they prefer to stay with what they know; infallible classics that require little attention when combined. But Nike has allowed these men the kind of publicity that comes with the most flashy and wild clothing. Like Aimé Leon Dore’s drop hunters and Story MFG’s party animals, sneakers they allow everyone to be a complete nerd and collector, and feel comfortable with it. A pair of Nike Dunks are both the gateway drug and the linchpin of the culture of menswear in general, a pair of sneakers that ties it all together.

maybe to Ben Affleck don’t care about a lot of things. But, like almost all men, he cares a lot about his sneakers.

Article originally published in GQ UK.


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