Basketball player Oriane Joseph-François bowed out at 38

BASKETBALL. obituary

Basketball is again affected by a bereavement that once again puts the formation of the Eclair de Rivière-Salée in the hot seat, and more particularly its women’s section.

During last Friday’s second-day PNM match between Eclair BB and Waks BC, every Salean gaze crossed within the grounds of the Sports Palace was clearly disturbed by intense marks of distress, sadness, when he no wasn’t just haggard.

From the morning of this Friday, the news circulated from one point to another of the island, in the middle of the basketball: the player of these last years of the Eclair BB, Oriane Joseph-François, had just drawn her …

France-Antilles Martinique
647 mots – 18.10.2022


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