Basketball – Nationale 3 Men: Confidence, pragmatism, the key words of AC2B winner of the derby against Villeneuve

Saturday evening, the CTC AC2B Pays Agenais triumphed over a VBC which does not succeed outside.

This derby started very well for the visitors inspired in attack and serious in defense putting in difficulty the opposing shooters. And logically the “green” well led by Adama Diouf dominated the start of the game (11-20, 10th). Then Benoît Derusseau the AB2C coach re-motivated his group. The effect was immediate and the locals beat their opponents 5-0. The game was now on and the game got tougher with the referees blowing their whistles. Little by little, the successes of David Seremet and Romain Catarino facilitated the return of the premises (30-30, 17th). At the end of the period, Rémy Demont’s successful shot at the buzzer allowed AC2B to take the score (33-32, 20′).

Florent Champy wrestling with Luigi Mangiardi.
DDM – Nicolas Niedergand

When they returned from the locker room, a crossover took place (40-38, 25th) then gradually, the locals broke away following an offensive rebound from Romain Catarino and a three-pointer from Mathieu Molinié (53-47, 30th). The AC2B held the meeting but the Villeneuvois did not let go and remained with two possessions at the start of the money time. The pragmatic Agen suburbanites, mastering the opposing offensives, found in Rémy Demont the serial killer who was going to tip the scales definitively. The latter, confident since the start of the season, despite a good defense on the man, sent two missiles that hit the bull’s eye.

The AC2B continues its good run, the guys are playing with confidence and the group is showing perfect control which should keep them at the top of the rankings. VBC side it is difficult to manage the game, the lack of consistency is obvious.

400 people attended the Lot-et-Garonnais derby on Saturday evening.

400 people attended the Lot-et-Garonnais derby on Saturday evening.
DDM – Nicolas Niedergand

Benoît Derusseau (coach of the AC2B): “Each team had its half-time. They defend well, hinder us on shots, dominate the inside of the racket. Despite this, we are ahead at the halfway mark. In the second period, we regained our skill and confidence allowed us to play more liberated afterwards. We are good morally. »

Léo Sansot (VBC coach): “In the first half, we were dominant in several areas of play and unfortunately we were trailing by one point. Morally it was hard despite a good defense. Our adversary hurt us very badly with his successes at long distance. They are playing with confidence in us, we are not calm. We lack confidence in our away games. »


A Grandfonds.
Referees: Loic Champeymont and Bertrand Gibeau
Q-T : 11-20 ; 33-32 ; 53-47.
For the VBC: 23 successful shots including 1 to 3 pts and 22 to 2 pts; 19 free throws made.
The team: Majani, Iglesias (2), Diouf (23), Bouyrelou, Gary (6), Adgnot (11), Champie (7), Chevalier (7), Rodriguez (4).
18 personal fouls. No player eliminated for 5 faults.
For AC2B: 25 successful shots including 11 at 3 pts and 14 at 2 pts; 15 successful free throws.
The team: Caulier (3), Bareille (7), Molinié (6), Sulpice (2), Catarino (15), Demont (24), Seremet (9), Mangiardi (6), Bique (4), Brantus.
18 personal fouls. No player eliminated for 5 faults.


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