Basketball – National 3: Agen BC still has to work to compete with the best

the essential
Agen lost at home on Saturday evening.

Khelifi opens the counter for the ABC followed by a bonus shot from Abbassi. Khelifi in three-point success is well back in the game. The Landais are not disunited (7-3, 2nd). The match came alive but Cataldo could do nothing against Ramassamy who jostled him under the panels and scored (9-6, 4th). The Agenais become sterile at long distance and their opponent passes in front (9-10, 5th).

Mbengue allows to come back in the lead but mistakes are expensive. The crossover continues (13-12, 6th). Khelifi well served is always effective but picks up it hurts me (15 15.7) Khelifi unleashed continues his festival. A good counter from the Agen leader allows the ABC to take the lead at the end of this first quarter.

Agen cracks at the end of the first quarter

Cataldo and Abbassi immediately take a short break but the skill of the Landais allows them to take the advantage (30-31, 13th). Munsi Kaniki’s turn to offer himself a bonus shot (33-33, 14th). The Dacquois confuse speed and precipitation which allows the locals to stay in contact (35-39, 16th). Clumsy, the Agenais let their opponents slip away despite an Abbassi who was trying to set the pace (37-42, 18th). One-way end of period in favor of visitors.

After a series of confused and sterile actions on each side, Munsi Kaniki scores (39-48, 24th).
The match slows down: only one basket scored on each side in five minutes. Two good actions and Agen returns (45-52, 26th). Too little present in the rebounds, the Abecists let themselves be dominated. A few flashes are the illusion but the locals are unable to make up their accumulated delay since the end of the second quarter (50-60, 29th).

Nice start to the last period for the Agenais but the Landais seem to be able to score when they want (58-67, 32nd). The 10 point gap seemed irremediable.

Rachid Abbassi (ABC coach): “The best team won. We only have too small a bench to compete. There are some good things but clearly insufficient to still be able to play at the top of the table. »


Q-T : 24 – 20 ; 37 – 48 ; 54 – 64
For Agen BC: 25 successful shots including 3 three-pointers. 13 successful free throws.
The team: Adil Abbassi (8), Rodrigue Munsi Kaniki (5), Gregory Albiget (2), Alfayede Mohamed Djitihadi (0), Brandon Lee Cataldo (6), Mathieu Ralle (0), Ibrahim Mbengue (13) and Ryan Khelifi (27) , Fallou Diouf (0), Sydney Pehoua (5)
26 personal fouls. Two players eliminated (Adil Abbassi and Ryan Khelifi).
Adour Dax Basket : 29 successful shots including 2 three-pointers. 19 free throws made.
The team: L. Lageyre (8), S. Dulouat (17), J. Dulouay (7), B. Lacoste (12), B. Lifermann (15), C. Brunet (0), T. Lespiau (0), L Dolet (2), T. Ramassamy (16), V. Lassabe (2)
19 personal fouls. No players eliminated.



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