Basketball La Línea, headquarters of the Andaluz of provincial children’s women’s teams in November

The renovated La Línea pavilion will once again be the scene in 2022 of another relevant basketball event, in this case the Andalusian Championship of provincial teams. The Territorial has announced this Tuesday that between the days 11 and 13 of next November the combined will arrive in the city feminine infantile for the title dispute.

The communion of La Línea with basketball does not cease. After having hosted several events this summer for the Spanish national teams in training categories and the ACB Cup of Andalusia, on November 11 and 13 it will host the Andalusian championship by provinces.

The circumstance is given that in the Cadiz team will play two natural players from La Línea: Ana García, from the Linense Basketball Union (ULB) and Lourdes Gloria Pérez (CAB Estepona).

La Línea has become one of the Andalusian Federation’s favorite locations both for national team competitions as for the final phases by teams (Cadeba). In fact, for several years it was as a female child of the latter.

This is a decision that, regardless of rstrengthen the position of the ULB at regional level provides andimportant income in the hotel and restaurant sectorny in general of leisure of the municipality, since the teams usually arrive surrounded by numerous companions.

Las chosen cities to host the regional competitions of the different categories and their dates son:


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