Basketball Girona overcomes UCAM Murcia (100-89)

Basketball Girona overcomes UCAM Murcia (100-89)

UCAM Murcia CB has paid dearly for its bad start to the match against to a Básquet Girona that went over him from the first minutes (100-89). Led by an excellent Marc Gasol, who only missed four shots in the almost half hour he was on the track, the Catalan team went over Sito Alonso’s men to seal their victory. It is true that the university students had the opportunity to place themselves only ten away with three and a half minutes to go when the difference had reached 26 points, however, Trice and Jelínek missed in their shots from the perimeter and Aíto García’s men were able to sentence the clash calmly.

The Murcian team was overcome in all facets throughout the first part. Girona dominated the rebound, had more success and had more intensity in their plays from the start to completely annul Sito Alonso’s men. The Murcian team once again showed themselves to be very vulnerable at the back, somewhat indolent and without clear ideas in attack to try to counteract what their rival proposed at the start. Marc Gasol, with 24 points, reduced the Murcian defense together with Quino Colom, with 20 pointswho took a step forward after the injury of Joseph Franch at the beginning, after a bad turn in his knee. Also suffered an ailment in the same joint Ryan Luther, by the UCAM, who could not play the second half for this reason. The best of UCAM was again a Travis Trice who was much more successful in the last quarter, in which he got 15 points, to go up to 25 in his private locker. The university team will receive the next Saturday, November 5 at the Palacio de los Deportes (8:45 p.m.) at Joventut.

First quarter

Básquet Girona began the game with better sensations on the court than UCAM Murcia, and ended up showing it at the end of the first ten minutes. In the early stages, the game was stopped for a few minutes due to the injury of Josep Franch, who had to retire due to a bad turn in his knee when he was dribbling the ball against Trice. However, the Catalan team responded to that blow by annulling the university students. And it is that Sito Alonso’s men did little damage to their rival in attack and suffered too much against a Girona team that knew how to obtain points from all lines, in addition to dominating the rebound (13-5). Marc Gasol, Quino Colom and Taylor punished the errors of the Murcian team from the perimeter and, despite the rotations, UCAM could not react (18-8). The success from the free throw and the perimeter (with a 50% accuracy) was decisive for Aíto’s men to close the first quarter with a 14-point advantage after another triple by Colom (24-10).

Second bedroom

UCAM tried to react at the start of the second quarter with a partial start of 1-6 thanks to triples by McFadde and Trice (28-19). However, when it seemed that he had done the most difficult, he once again became a toy in the hands of Bàsquet Girona. The Catalan team continued to prevail on the rebound, taking advantage of the second chances allowed by UCAM, and Miletic neutralized the good intentions of Sito Alonso’s team by scoring three consecutive three-pointers from the same position totally liberated (37-23). A technique on Diop, for protesting, and a basket by Marc Gasol raised the maximum difference to 15 points (40-25) although the university center answered soon from the triple. The Murcian team felt somewhat better on the track, with Jelínek’s baskets, but Gasol ended up knocking out UCAM with his points and game generation to raise the lead to +18 difference (51-33). A technique on the shooting guard, for retaining the ball before a serve, ended up finishing Sito’s men, who were out of the game (52-33).

Third quarter

Going through changing rooms hardly changed anything for UCAM Murcia. Two consecutive baskets by Marc Gasol, who destroyed the university team throughout the match, raised the difference to 26 points and further undermined the morale of Sito Alonso’s team (65-39). Even so, the Murcian team tried to react in some way with two baskets followed by Davis and Trice, however, the wound did not heal. Conceding 15 points in the first five minutes of the quarter did not help UCAM to regain confidence, and after a three-pointer from Colom he seemed to realize that a comeback was practically impossible (70-45). From there, the game entered a carousel of fouls pointed out by the referees that did not benefit either. An unsportsmanlike one by Rojas, another unsportsmanlike one by Garino on Rojas, techniques… the match broke the rhythm even more in this way and the marked continued in the same position, but with less time. Something that left UCAM without options (77-56).

Last room

Facing the last quarter with 21 points below the scoreboard, and with what was shown on the parquet, the university team only had to fight to try to make up the result and fight to reduce the basket average. But Bàsquet Girona knew how to play their cards and also handled themselves well during a slow paced game, paused, and with a 7-9 run in the first four minutes (84-65). The Murcian team tried to take care of the ball in their possession and seek the best decision in their shots, but they also had no luck in some actions as the ball went out despite finding the freed man. A triple by Garino five from the end made it 88-67, although two consecutive triples by Jelínek gave some hope (88-73). Giffey completed the partial 4-13 and Aíto had to stop the game with time out (88-75). UCAM had a three-pointer from Trice that did not enter with 3:30 remaining to place themselves ten behind their rival, and a second chance with Jelínek that did not enter either. Marc Gasol did not forgive, and it was the exNBA who from the perimeter removed any hope (91-75). In the final stretch, Girona reached one hundred points, while UCAM was able to save some of the furniture with Trice’s points (100-89).


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