Baseball in Argentina, and its best moment

Argentina fell short in its dream of achieving the possibility of reaching the World Baseball Classic, however, they put up a fight against a team from Nicaragua..

But, do you know where baseball was born in Argentina?

Argentina baseball background

There were teams in Rosario and in the Buenos Aires area made up of Americans.

Baseball began to spread in Argentina in 1888 with the creation of the Buenos Aires Baseball Club (BABC), made up mainly of American expatriates.

In 1925 the Argentine Baseball Association was established to organize and regulate the sport in the country.

From 1932 came the development of local players

Argentina beis - Baseball in Argentina, and its best moment
Boca Juniors even had their baseball team.

Three decades later, when the Argentine Baseball League already existed, in operation since 1932 and which would eventually become the Argentine Baseball Federation, the sport went through its most splendid stage.

The Buenos Aires competition had three categories, descents and promotions included, and there was also competition in the provinces of Santa Fe and Salta.

In 1995 was his moment of glory

Screenshot 2022 10 04 at 5.26.48 pm - Baseball in Argentina, and its best moment
This really was the moment of glory of baseball in Argentina.

It was in March 1995, during the Pan American Games in Mar del Plataalthough the baseball tournament was played at the National Baseball Stadium, in the Buenos Aires sub-site.

The beginning was marked by the victory against the United States by 6-4 in the team’s debut in the tournament. It was news across the continent.

Baseball may not yet have become popular in Argentina, but twenty-five years ago, the Pan American Games team blew their ears with the sharp blow of the bat and danced under the ball while waiting for it with love and patience in the National Baseball State .



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