Back to reality after touching the sky

First it’s time to look at the navel. To oneself Uni has work to do, because the success of the Spanish Super Cup and a promising start to the League, has been accompanied by an untimely stumble in the preliminary round of the Euroleague. “We have come to touch the sky, to receive a reward after suffering all summer. And suddenly we land, getting hit in France. We’ve hit the ground running again.” Laura Antoja, Bernat Canut’s right hand, could not be more explicit. “The team is very eager to recover the good feelings, to rebuild and the first step we have is this”. Talk about what’s coming today. It’s time to look outside, to focus on the next opponent. The possible classification for the continental maximum is parked (the outcome against the ESBVA will be on Wednesday), it is the turn to welcome Ensino de Lugo to Fontajau. A rival who, by no means, will come for a walk. Four days ago, the reigning champion swept a Perfumerías Avenida.

“Respect is always maximum, because the games have to be played. But much more this time. We are visited by a very cheeky team.” Antoja is right. Ensino debuted with a defeat in Zaragoza (68-63) but recovered with a resounding victory against one of the favorites for the title. Blanca Millán is one of the main threats. He has signed two “spectacular” performances, with an average of 19 points per game. More names are added: Aliaga, Prieto, Ginzo or Roundtree, for example. “All this, with other players who work, work and work. What we can’t do is relax.”

With no time to think about next week, in the game that will determine whether or not the Euroleague or the Eurocup will be played this year, Uni focuses all its attention on adding the second victory in two games in the League . Bernat Canut has all his staff available with the exception of Nora Galve, who continues with her particular recovery process. Last season, they won without too many difficulties against this same opponent in Fontajau (76-56), with four players exceeding ten points. Only one of them is still on the team this year: Rebekah Gardner. Burke plays precisely in the French ESBVA, Onyewnere also packed his bags and Mendy, pregnant, will be out of action for a good number of months. “We have to make a game as serious and intense as possible. We have just started the work of the whole year and we have to follow this path, regardless of the previous games».



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