Atlético Bucaramanga, to keep the possibility of qualifying intact

Atlético Bucaramanga, with Jorge Ramoa as the new interim coach, will seek this Saturday, from 8:10 pm, to achieve a local victory, after the two consecutive defeats he had at the Alfonso López stadium.

For this commitment, the team will not be able to count on Ronaldo Tavera, after the direct red card he saw in the match against Junior. In addition, Diomar Díaz continues in recovery work due to discomfort in his knee and would not be fit for the appointment.

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According to Ramoa, the tactical scheme that the club has been working on will not touch much; however, he will bet on a greater aggressiveness in the attack.

“We are going to give him a little more offensive play and risk, perhaps in the same tactical scheme, but we do seek to be more aggressive in attack,” he said.

Ramoa also insisted on asking the fans for support. Also, he stated that the team’s top shareholder agreed to his appointment.

“Equidad is a good team, which has a great strategist. Against Cortuluá he lost two points, but I want to analyze more how he plays as a visitor. As for how I received the team, I must mention that they were a bit down and it is a bit logical after losing two home games. The fundamental thing is to be well in the head, then the physical will be worked on and that’s where we are, ”he said.

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For his part, Bruno Téliz, one of the players who usually has a place in the starting team, cleared up several questions about his relationship with the team’s former coach, Armando Osma, and the possibility of playing from the opening whistle in the next game.

“There were never any personal problems, maybe I didn’t always fit into his game plan. But these are things that have already happened to me in my career as a professional in other teams. Regarding the new coach, I have spoken with him and it is an extra emotional value that he trusts me and considers me to be a starter. We know that he has a lot of history in the club”, he stated.

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Regarding La Equidad, he added that it is a strong and very physical team, that hits and cuts the game a lot.

“Sometimes a game system is difficult, because they cut it, but you have to be attentive to opportunities from the still ball,” he added.

For this duel, Atlético Bucaramanga would form with Juan Camilo Chaverra; David Gómez, Michel Acosta, Jéfferson Mena, Cristian Blanco; Víctor Mejía, Bruno Téliz, Johan Caballero, Sherman Cárdenas, Gustavo Torres; and Dayro Moreno.



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