Atlético Bucaramanga suffered a “hard blow” against Águilas Doradas

Atlético Bucaramanga suffered a hard blow after losing by the slightest difference (1-0) against Águilas Doradas, in the game that was pending for date 1 of the BetPlay II League.

With more desire than football, the team from Santander never found the way to a goal and fell in a match in which, due to its importance, it seemed to be ‘forbidden’ to lose.

And it is that the defeat, in addition to not allowing entry among the eight best in the League, served the Antioquian team to deduct points in the reclassification table, in which Bucaramanga only takes five units away.

even match

To win, Atlético Bucaramanga needs the best of football from each of its players, and the reality is that more than one was left in debt to Águilas.

Little news about Sherman Cárdenas in this duel, as well as players like Johan Caballero and José Adolfo Valencia, who did not create much danger.

In addition, soccer players like Cristian Blanco, with a discreet game and committed to scoring, and David Gómez contributed very little in the attack and the Santander team drowned in their desire to find the tie, to prevent the damage from being greater against the Antioquians.

The one who was good was Orlando Berrío, the author of the only goal of the match, who gave him the three points with his goal at minute 29 of the commitment.

After the goal, the ‘Leopards’ looked for a tie in the first half, with a willful Valencia, as well as some ‘sparks’ from Caballero and Dayro Moreno, but that’s how they went into the break.

In the second half, the ‘chip’ changed and the pupils of Armando ‘El Piripi’ Osma, the team’s coach, came out to fight and fight for the tie, but the football was left in the dressing room.

At the point of courage, something that little can criticize the players, Bucaramanga put Águilas in his own goal and fought to save a point. Dayro Moreno, Bayron Garcés, Bruno Téliz, Sherman himself, Carlos Henao, among others, tried in every way, but the long-awaited goal never came.

In addition, the cast from Antioquia defended themselves with everything they had and, faithful to their coach Leonel Álvarez, held the score that allowed them to climb the standings.

With this result, Bucaramanga was left with 21 points and remains in 13th place in the competition, while Águilas reached 26 units and dreams of qualifying for the next phase of the League.

What’s missing

The Santander team still has five games to play, three at home and two as a visitor.

At home they need to play Atlético Junior, La Equidad and Deportivo Pereira, while away they will face Deportivo Independiente Medellín and Patriotas.

Atlético Junior is the next challenge for the ‘Leopardo’ squad, on Sunday, October 9, starting at 7:40 at night, in a clash in which they are almost obliged to win if they don’t want to start depending on other results.



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