Atlético Bucaramanga: Armando ‘Piripi’ Osma is not going anymore? What is known about the technician’s departure | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

This Sunday, Atlético Bucaramanga fell in his yard at the hands of Junior, in key duel for a place in the eight. Luis ‘Cariaco’ González’s goal caused the second loss in a row for the urgent leopard, who cannot give up any more ground if he wants to get into the semi-final homers.

That last fall left them reeling, in 13th place with 21 points, and Armando ‘Piripi’ Osma would be the new “headless” coach in the Betplay League.

A sector of the press assures that Osma will not continue at the helm of Bucaramanga and that they are even looking for a replacement for him. Four games remain for the Santander team: Equidad, Medellín, Patriotas and Pereira. Four finals that, if won, would install them among the eight, since they will fight with direct rivals in the classification.

The journalist Pilar Velásquez, from ESPN, assured on Twitter that ‘Piripi’ Osma “It doesn’t go anymore in Atlético Bucaramanga“And he even mentioned that the Venezuelan Richard Páez, a technician with a past in Millionaires, was an option to replace him. “They spoke with Richard Páez but it is complicated about documents“.

On the other hand, the journalist from Win Sports, Alexis Rodríguez, mentioned that “Osma’s hours are numbered in Bucaramanga. At this time, termination of the contract is being negotiated with the directors. The club is already analyzing options for a new DT“.

Diego Rueda, director of Caracol Radio’s Vbar, also assured that Harold Rivera is another of the candidates.

In the post-match press conference, the coach mentioned that Bucaramanga has 12 points left, which if added would put them in the semifinal phase. “We played a great football game and lost due to two unforced errors by two players who have given everything for the team. In the first half, Bucaramanga was much more than Junior (…) I am positive and optimistic, I think 12 out of 12 “.


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