Athlos rackets had triple activity

The rackets of the Club Athlos players had triple activity by being present at the championships held in Ourense, Toledo and Oviedo.

Three competitions that included the participation of the Ourense club that achieved a good handful of medals in all of them.

Athlos rackets had triple activity

Miraflores School

The Miraflores School (O Pereiro de Aguiar), hosted a day of the Galicia TTR N7 for players under 15 and under 19 age. The Athlos Club representation consisted of nine players who achieved a total of 10 medals.

  • 2 Gold Medals
    Martina Llamas and Beatriz López in women’s doubles sub15
    Gael R. Santamaría in men’s doubles sub15 (with Iker Otero from Badminton As Neves)
  • 4 Silver Medals
    Paula Casas and Lucía Cid in women’s doubles sub15
    Eva Fernández and Emma Pedrera in U19 women’s doubles
    Gael R. Pérez and Xoel Álvarez in women’s doubles under 15
    Martina Llamas in women’s singles sub15
  • 4 Bronze Medals
    Beatriz López in women’s individual sub15
    Emma Pedrera in under15 women’s singles
    Xoel Álvarez in men’s individual sub15
    Gael R. Santarmaría in men’s individual sub15

City of Toledo

The Athlos delegation that traveled to Toledo participated in the Senior National Circuit. Dolores Sarmiento, Fco Javier Galicia, Olalla Fernández and Julio Fernández won six medals in the Tournament City of Toledo.

  • 1 Gold Medal
    Olalla Fernández in women’s doubles B2 (with Sandra del Busto from CB Bianconero)
  • 2 Silver Medals
    Dolores Sarmiento in female doubles C1-C2 (with Anda Morandeira del Bádminton Coruña)
    Dolores Sarmiento in women’s individual C1
  • 3 Bronze Medals
    Julio Fernández in men’s individual B2
    Julio Fernández in men’s doubles B2 (with Diego Freire from CB Cedeira)
    Fco Javier Galicia and Dolores Sarmiento in mixed doubles C1


The third competition involving Club Athlos players this weekend took place in Asturias. The coaches Sara Galicia and Antonio Iglesias accompanied the 10 players who participated in the TOP Master N2 category Sub13 and Sub17 which was held in the city of Oviedo.

  • 1 Silver Medal
    Ana Novoa in female sub17 singles
  • 2 Bronze Medals
    Ana Novoa in mixed doubles (with Rubén Comerón from CB A Estrada)
    Adrián Seijo and David Casas in men’s doubles under 13

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