Archery: aiming at the target

The appointment was at the Provincial Center for High Performance Sports (CePARD). Organized by the CAPRI club, yesterday the second date of the Provincial League of the Missionary Archery Association (AMiTA)on the open air mode.

The event was attended by around 60 archers from all over the province belonging to the clubs Centro Cultural Germano Argentino de Leandro N. Alem, Centro Cultural Dr. Aristóbulo del Valle, from the town of the same name, CETARUIZ de Ruiz de Montoya, CAPY de Puerto Iguazú, CITAF de San Antonio, as well as Club Montaraz, San Francisco and CAPRI, from Posadas.

The day was supervised by the judge of the Argentine Archery Federation (FATarco), Daniela Argüello, a native of Chaco.

PREPARED. The day was organized by the CAPRI club.

Regarding the results (see table), in U-18 Recurve E50, Lucas Holot from CAPRI was the winnerMeanwhile in Recurve E30, the one who celebrated was Gustavo Pereira from the CCGA of Germany.

In Compound E40, Marcelo Andino from CITAF was the winner of his categoryMeanwhile in Raso E20, Alejandro Poczynok from the CCGA of Germany climbed to the top of the podiumfollowed by Enrique Emategui from CAPRI and Yesica Zdanovich from CCGA.

COUNTING. With the arrows on target, the points were counted.




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