Annual income of 30 million yen in the past, now less than 5 million yen … The reason why the earnings of osteopathic clinics and judo therapists have decreased sharply | Diamond Premium Selection | Diamond Online

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Illustration by Mari Mitsumi

On October 6, the Metropolitan Police Department announced that Hiroyuki Mitsuhashi (64), vice chairman of the Japan Judo Therapist Association and director of the Judo Therapist Training and Examination Foundation, was accused of leaking questions about the national examination for judo therapists. An unprecedented incident was discovered in which the two were arrested on suspicion of violating the Judo Therapy Law and were re-arrested on the 26th of the same month. The Diamond editorial department published a special feature “Deep Darkness of Orthopedic, Acupuncture, and Massage” (6 times in total) in the November 16, 2019 issue of “Weekly Diamond”. In an interview, Mitsuhashi appealed for the normalization of the judo rehabilitation industry, saying, “We have to fundamentally change the system itself.” Including that article, some of the articles for paid members that pursue the darkness of the industry will be released for free for a limited time. #2 digs into the deep darkness of the orthopedic clinic.
* Re-edited based on the first feature of the November 16, 2019 issue of “Weekly Diamond”.Information such as titles and figures are those at the time of publication

The heavyweights of the orthopedic clinic industry are soaring
The reason why he played an unprecedented “exit play”

“Evidence, evidence, even doctors are doing things without evidence!”

A special committee of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare held in July 2016 to discuss the appropriateness of medical expenses (insurance) for judo therapy. In the midst of this, the audience was ordered to leave by Dr. Hisao Endo, the chairman of the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, who was a member of the panel of experts from the Japanese Society of Clinical Orthopedic Surgeons (at that time), and was strongly confronted by Dr. Tadahiko Aihara. was there.

The person who was ordered to leave was Tetsuo Kudo, the chairman of the Japan Judo Therapy Association, the largest judo body.

Nissei’s power in the plastic surgery industry is said to have weakened compared to the past, but it still boasts tremendous power as the only incorporated association in the industry. At the celebration of the 65th anniversary of Nissei’s incorporation and the 100th anniversary of the official recognition of judo therapy held in March 2019, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent a video message, and leading Liberal Democratic Party politicians such as former Speaker of the House of Representatives Fumiaki Ibuki attended. One after another, he made congratulatory speeches on the podium.

Mr. Kudo, who was elected four times in 2019 as the “unparalleled chairman” (Nissei materials), said the opening words of the committee meeting, which was not the minutes of the meeting. Dr. Aihara looks back on those days.

“Naturally, I asked the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to include it in the minutes, but the ministry refused, saying, ‘It’s not a statement by a committee member, so it can’t be included.’ Endo said, ‘This is unprecedented.’ That day. I remember looking back many times in the taxi on the way home.”

Why was Chairman Kudo so excited? “At that time, one of the ‘lifelines’ of Judo Medical Expenses was raised as a point of contention, so Mr. Kudo would not have been able to show the members unless he did so,” said an executive of an industry organization other than Nissei. Infer.

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In the past, annual income was 30 million yen, now it is less than 5 million yen … The reason why the income of osteopathic clinics and judo therapists has decreased sharply

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